Monday, January 25, 2016

adventure trakting and östersund

what do you get when you put together -15 degree weather, Norrland, and two sister missionaries?

cold feet.

Lots of our people got cold feet this week. But that's life, haha. At least, as a missionary it is. 

and with all those cold feet there's nothing too big to report. sister davis and I have decided to do a little something we call "Adventure Trakting." What is that? well, it's basically trakting.... but with a spirit of adventure. Like knocking on doors like this:

translation: no advertisement OR religious propaganda, THANKS!

Oh I wish we had camera people following us around because adventure trakting gives us the funniest stories. 

This week, we also had a worldwide missionary broadcast. This is the first broadcast they've had to all missionaries worldwide in 10 years. It was really good! They discussed teaching repentance and baptizing converts. I feel like so many times as members of the church, we think about converts as people who weren't members of the church, and then get baptized. But a convert is more than that. It's a person who has gone through a mighty change of heart, and have changed their life because of that. They become converted to the gospel long before they become baptized into the church. And a convert can also be someone who has grown up in the church, gone through the same changing process and have become converted, building a testimony that keeps them strong through difficult storms in life. I thought about our investigators and those we teach, and whether or not they are "converts." 

Our day in Östersund was really good (you guys have been praying for us haven't you? ;) ). We took a long train ride out there and the elders took the car. We talked with people, we knocked on doors, and we met with members of the church that haven't been able to attend for quite some time due to long distances. One of those people is our friend, Oscar. I have been talking with Oscar since I got here in September, so it was really fun to be able to actually meet him. 

us and Oscar in the Östersund train station

Oscar is so excited about church and missionary work. We gave him a couple copies of the book of mormon to give to his friends. We're anxious to see how everything goes, because we aren't able to be there all the time in Östersund, his help could make miracles happen!

all those long car rides with the family prepared me for long train rides through sweden. we get to see so much of this beautiful country from the windows of the trains

All in all, we got lots of stuff done this week, even if all our usuals got cold feet. Thanks for the prayers and the advise and the info on life :) I love and appreciate all of it!

MVH, Syster Janessa Brink

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