Monday, February 1, 2016

me vs. the natural man

its a beautiful day. the sun is actually kind of up right now, which is a big change from a couple weeks ago. I remember when the sun used to shine 17 hours a day, we'll be getting back to that point pretty soon :) 

semlor! the swedish february food 

we were busy this week, they usual missionary stuff. we met up with farhad and bakhtiar to start teaching them about the preisthood and get them ready to go to the temple. we taught peter about the plan of salvation and introduced him to the elders too. he showed up a little early for his lesson so he caught us playing scum (card games) and we invited him to play with us. he had a good time :) we had a healthy dose of blåsts and swingbys that fell through and then took a train ride up to Umeå for zone training. 

teaching the priesthood in persian

while on the way to Umeå our train died a couple kilometers north of Örnskoldsvik. we sat on the tracks in a standstill for about 40 minutes, when they finally got our train up and moving we had all but missed our chance to eat lunch. but we still made it to the training! Training was great and we talked a lot about repentance. We talked about how as missionaries we are in a perfect position to make laziness a sin. Every minute of the day is a battle between me and the natural man. So this next week, sister davis and i have decided to try and battle the natural man with some christlike attributes. We're gonna be doing "Patience Week" and we've planned all sorts of activities for each day to help us develop patience. I looked at my calendar after weekly planning and kind of had the epiphany that we are willingly putting ourselves into positions to test our patience hahaha. We'll be speaking only swedish with each other for a couple of days, other days we're going to avoid saying the word "tired". We'll both be coming out of this week with more patience (hopefully!) and then next week we'll try and tackle another christlike attribute :)

I ordered some nametags for sister davis. they got here and had my name on them.

We got invited over to a couple of member dinners this week (unusual for here in sundsvall) and Sister Davis and I literally haven't been hungry for the last two days. Saturday evening we got invited over to this really sweet couple's house and when we sat down I looked at the silverware and realized "oh my goodness. this is going to be a three course meal." It was. And it was all delicious. I felt like I was at a 5 star restaurant or something, everything was so perfect. We also got to know these sweet members a little better, and after being here for six months I was a little embarrassed about my lack of attentiveness. They were hilarious too! we spent the evening laughing and chatting and just having a good ol time

Yesterday we had another member dinner with the cute lady that plays the organ here. Once again, so much food. I might have to go into hibernation if this keeps up. 

We found a giant frozen lake this week. At first we weren't sure if it was actually frozen or not, so we stepped carefully down onto it and inched our way along. Sister davis went out in front of me and I was ready to yank her back to solid ground if she started to sink haha, but the whole thing was iced over so thick you probably could have driven a car on it. I love swedish winter!

frozen lake

love you all!
syster janessa brink

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