Monday, January 11, 2016

wow it got cold this week

quick update for all of you guys, it dropped below -20 degrees Celsius up here, no idea what that is in Fahrenheit, but it's cold. 

weather forecast for the week

We have been busy busy this week, and we had lots of fun :)

we met with Abass and got him back on track to baptism! He came to church and chatted with a bunch of members and enjoyed all of it. After Abass's lesson we went trackting and our eyelashes FROZE because it was so cold out. We didn't get a good picture of it because it was so dark out, but trust me, I had icicles on my eyelashes. After trackting we went to visit this cute Hawaiian/Swedish family in the ward and had SO MUCH FUN with them and their kids. We did family scripture study with them and we shared a message about how special all of us are to heavenly father and why he loves families so much. 

my frozen eyelashes on a different day (this doesn't look like much, but as i was saying before, i had ICICLES on my eyelashes a few days earlier)

this week for district meeting we organized our efforts to start setting up meetings in Östersund (a big city 3 hours away that used to have a branch). It was a really humbling experience as we sat there and looked at what we had to work with and where everything would be going. I've never tried to resurrect a branch before. But we knelt in prayer and decided on a day to go out there as a district and start this project, and we felt impressed do go out next saturday. We look forward to seeing what Östersund has in store for us. In a city so big, we'll be sure to find people that will want to hear what we say. We'll have to be very prayerful through all of this, in order to be led to those people who are the most ready. We won't have the opportunity to go out there very often, so we want to get as much done as we can each time we go. 

Thursday evening we met with our friend Peter again.This time we taught him about the Restoration and he was really into it. He asked lots of really great questions and listened for our answers. We ended up talking a little about baptism and the holy ghost and he was like "I think I could definitely use that in my life." He accepted a baptismal date for Feb 20! He then asked us randomly about coffee and tea and we taught him the word of wisdom too, to which he replied "huh, i think i'll try to stop drinking coffee." He just basically committed himself to live the word of wisdom, hahaha :) we're excited to be working with him!

The sister training leaders came up for splits and sister gardiner and i taught Farhan and Bakhtiar. They had their baptismal interview right after our lesson and both of them passed! We'll be having a baptism on saturday! 

the primary kids had an activity this week to "retire" the christmas tree. it's a tradition to dance around the tree and sing songs and eat candy. we even got a visit from our good friend, Jul Tomten! 

primary activity with the STL's

all in all, it's been a great week! We don't know about transfers yet, we'll be getting the call on saturday morning. I had an interview with president this week and basically told him I really don't want to leave, haha. It's a low probability that I'll be transferring out, seeing as I'm training sister Davis, but it's not impossible. we'll just hope for the best with everything and cross our fingers and pray that I get to stay here another month and a half!

I love you guys!
-syster janessa brink

i cut sister davis' hair!

video dancing around the tree

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