Monday, January 4, 2016

the news

hej hej allihopa! 

not a whole whole lot has happened in these past couple of days since I emailed you last. The world is still spinning and the work is still moving and snow is FINALLY falling here in Sundsvall (it's about time.)

Farhan and Bakhtiar are doing great! We sat down and (we usually don't do this) taught them all the commandments at once this week. The law of chastity, the word of wisdom, the law of tithing, the ten commandments, following the prophet, fasting and fast offerings, baptism and confirmation, etc. They took it like champs. I almost didn't believe them when they said they understood and accepted ALL OF IT. I had to start kinda digging to see if they really understood what all of it meant, and they totally did. Seriously, I need to start learning persian (actually, sister davis and i can hold a very small conversation in persian... but nowhere near teaching lessons haha) because the most prepared people I've ever met speak persian. 

I am also starting to get in with the primary kids. They are the cutest ever. And I'm becoming bffs with all of them. Yesterday in church one of the little girls drew sister Davis and I this adorable picture and I'm gonna stick it in my journal and keep it forever. 

Sidenote: I heard some new adelle song this week and it gave me a little bit of hope for the future of the american music industry. every other new song i've had the chance to hear has been...well... hemsk. 

We are buckling up for a new week with lots of good things coming our way. Goodbyes, interviews with president, and splits with the STL's coming up next week. So stay tuned :) and as always, there will be some surprises coming with the new week. 

Have a grrrrrrrreat week!

din ödmjukaste tjänare,
syster janessa brink

we made some ninja bread cookies

sometimes i have little moments of realization when i remember i'm living in sweden

sister davis told me about some shia lebouf motivational speech that went crazy. and we made a ninja bread cookie of him. JUSSSTTT. DOOO IIIITTTTTT! MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE.

pictures from our best friends in primary!

we spent NYE with the Kääriä's. They invited Armin and Shirin and all of us missionaries over. It was so much fun!

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