Monday, January 18, 2016

"I've never felt peace like this before"

this week has been a lot of fun :) for p-day we lazer tagged and ikea'd and then went trakting. i used to hate trakting but oh my goodness, what a life saver when it comes to the cold weather. and you always have the funniest experiences trakting hahaha 

we were out visiting this less active member one day this week and the whole time we were sitting there i was craving a banana chicken curry pineapple pizza. weird cravings, i know. so after the lesson sister davis and i decided to start making our way to the pizza place and we stopped this super cute girl on the way. we chatted with her for a while and ended up teaching her about the restoration and joseph smith and it went so well she wanted to trade numbers with us. so we took her number and then called her phone. and the names Ashley and Dee popped up on her screen haha. Turns out she'd met the missionaries a couple years ago! She's only 16, and her name is Ayah. We decided to meet up another time and talk in a place where it wasn't so cold :) i'm going to say the pizza craving was a prompting. heavenly father can direct us in lots of different ways!

last week sister gardner and i met with Murre on splits and gave him a book of mormon (his own hard copy! FINALLY!) and he called us up this week and set up his own appointment with us. he told us he had some questions about the book and really wanted to know about them. So we met with him on friday and went over his questions. they ranged all from "what is the sacrament" to "how do you know it's the spirit you're feeling" to "can you really be forgiven after you make a big mistake." it was really good! i've never seen Murre so intent on knowing, so anxious to read and understand. I love it! It just strengthened my testimony that the book of mormon is the word of god and that it opens people's hearts like nothing else. 

saturday was a day to remember. we got our transfer calls and I am set to stay here in sundsvall for another month and a half :) I'm really excited to be sticking around! after studies, sister Davis and I headed off to the church to start setting things up for the baptism! I love hearing the water running in the church, it's the greatest sound ever! Farhad and Bakhtiar got baptized by the elders quorum president, Patrik and the meeting went super great! We had lots of persian food and chatting afterwards. Farhad and Bakhtiar bore their testimonies to us this week and one of my favorite things they said was, "I have never felt peace like this before." I'm so excited for them and the steps they have started taking toward heavenly father and jesus christ. 

we'll be heading out to östersund to start being "fishers of men" this saturday. Pray for us, cuz the six of us are about to tackle a big city. We want to throw out those nets and have them come up full! I'm looking forward to seeing what we can catch out there!

love you guys!
syster janessa brink

this week we learned hard boiled eggs make really great hand warmers. 

one of the doors we knocked on this week

stripe sunday with us and shirin!

getting ready for the baptism!

us, farhad, patrik, and bakhtiar

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