Monday, March 30, 2015

the green goes away

So last pday wasn't really a pday at all. We spent our pday time at the temple in Köpenhamn so we were proselyting all monday. Or at least trying to. People just don't really want to meet on mondays so we ended up calling a whole bunch of people from the world's longest TU (tankbara undersökare, potential investigators) list. We got a few people that actually answered the phone, and like 3 people that were interested. Så är livet. We went up to Bergkvara that night for dinner with Jan and Madeline Blomberg. I LOVE MADELINE. We taught them an object lesson for the restoration using cups. She loved it and wants to use it when she teaches the youth in our branch. She also wants us to start teaching her half brother, but we keep missing him! 

Tuesday was super slow. We actually got lost in the middle of a forest while we were out contacting. Oops. We went to Kungsmarken for an appointment we'd set up with this woman we'd called from the TU list. We called her and she said she was on her way home. We waited for her for half an hour. She never showed up. So we left. We went by Diana and she was so excited to have us over! She loves the Book of Mormon but she might be leaving Sweden soon in order to get some better medical care for her kids. That night we had pingis. We need to start playing soccer or something. There's only so much you can do with ping pong. 

Wednesday my body decided to rebel. I woke up and my voice was all but gone. So I whispered at people the whole day. What fun. We went by Madeline Blomberg again and she gave us lunch. We talked about the preisthood. She had this danish cheese on the table and I was so excited to eat it. So I sliced some and put it on my bread and took a bite of it and oh my goodness it was like eating a foot or something. It was the worst cheese I've ever eaten in my life. After that we went to another member's house and had dinner. Their names are Bengt and Rosemarie and Mim Ariel is Rosemarie's daughter. They're saying Mim Ariel is doing a little better. She's woken up from her coma but she is unresponsive. Still praying super hard for her. 

Thursday we went the Växjö for district meeting. It was our last meeting together as this district because everyone will be transferring this week. After coming home we went by Birgitta's house to sort all her beads. I was like, drowning in them. SO MANY BEADS. But we got them sorted into some kind of system. I hope she likes it because I was thinking I'd go grey after that project. 

Friday morning we went by a SUPER SUPER old investigator. She's been investigating the church for like 17 years. Her whole family is baptized. She was almost baptized and then was told she needed to be married to her sambo (guy she's living with) and she dropped the missionaries. But she likes meeting with us now, and likes talking about church. We just need her to remember how she felt when she first decided she wanted to be baptized. 

Also on Friday the church came out with the new Easter video Because He Lives. It was like a movie premier oh my goodness. I have been waiting for this video for too long. It was so good!!! Share it with all your friends, coworkers, pets, classmates, teachers, family, random people at the grocery store. It is so good. Everyone needs to see it. 

Friday is also the day we got transfer calls. We found out that I will be staying here but Syster Allred will be moving to Västra Frölunda to be a Sister Training Leader (my heart shatters). But, at least as an STL she'll be able to come back for splits and things so I'll be letting her know when Karlskrona is in full bloom for the spring and we'll get back together and relive the glory days. 

I finished the Book of Mormon on Saturday!!! I am so happy :) I've been reading it and marking all the references to Christ and now my Book of Mormon is filled with little green marks on every page. It's the best. Also, no matter how many times you pray about the Book of Mormon, you will always feel the influence of the Holy Ghost testifying to you. I love it!

We went back to Bergkvara on Saturday to teach Rosemarie's son and daughter in law. We showed them the restoration and did the cup lesson with them and they absolutely loved it. They're going to pray about it and see what they want to do with their answer. 

Yesterday was Syster Allred's last sunday in Karlskrona. Everybody is so sad to see her go! We've got appointments planned like crazy for people to say goodbye. Tonight we're going to have "The Last Supper" with Deo and tomorrow she's leaving me and I'll be getting my new companion Syster Austin. 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I'm no longer a greenie now, and I get to be a normal missionary. Gonna be different but I'm excited for the change. Pray the my investigators here understand that all missionaries have the same purpose and it doesn't matter which sister is teaching because we all teach the same doctrine. Have an amazing week!!!


Syster Janessa Brink
we found this really cool beach and I had to take a titanic picture (....minus Jack)

easter decorations!!! In sweden they tie multicolored feathers to tree branches and it's super cool! I'm taking this tradition back to the US with me!

Syster Allred's last sunday in Karlskrona :( we're actually very sad

we just thought that this sign was funny. And it was windy so my eyes were fighting to stay open.

I love these ducks. They are my best friends.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"The Birds"

Last P-Day we were going to try to feed the ducks again. It didn't work. We threw in some bread and the ducks got it. And then I looked up and the sky was filled with seagulls. I couldn't even see the sun. It was just a wall of these crazy white birds trying to get the bread that was meant for the ducks. And then they started swooping at us. It was straight out of Alfred Hitchcock's Birds. I was terrified that I'd lose my eyes or something. They followed us for a good ½ kilometer. It was the scariest thing ever. Next time we try to feed ducks, we're not going to the ocean.

We did FHE with Pres. Jusinski's family and it was super fun. We watched a video of a guy doing sign language to music so deaf people could enjoy the songs and it was hilarious.

On St. Patricks day we made sure to wear some green. We taught Gun Britt a practice lesson and she gave us some saft and cookies. All day people were feeding us and giving us stuff to drink and I was dying. Sweden doesn't do public bathrooms. So I had to wait until 7 to go to the church for activity night. 

On wednesday we were going to try to go to Bergkvara and Kalmar. But then everything fell through. Mim Ariel is in the hospital in a coma as of Tuesday night. We're praying for her so hard over here. She is the sweetest person ever. 

We decided to go back to Karlskrona and do a whole bunch of swing bys and made some cookies. Remember Lena? The less active woman we walked for like 30 minutes to visit my first week here? We were so optomistic and then she didn't let us in? We swung by her again. With cookies. Turns out she doesn't like cookies. And she doesn't like missionaries either apparently. 

Thursday we had district meeting in Kristianstad. After that we taught Martha. She is the sweetest. She worries so much for her children here. They don't have good influences with their friends and she just wants them to stay strong in their faith. She told us that her daughter is having some serious doubts about God and we just keep coming over to visit.

On Friday we went to Ronneby and taught a new investigator named Emad. He told us he was from turkey so we brought him a Turkish BoM. He's actually not from Turkey. He's from Syria. And he speaks Arabic. But we had a really great Restoration lesson with him and he's super positive. 

Sigrid and Robert picked us up from Ronneby for our temple trip. We stayed the night in Malmö with the sisters and helped them with their sports night. I played innebandy for the first time and holy cow Swedes know how to play innebandy. I got welts from taking innebandy balls to the legs. It was also African night so I ate fufu. It was super interesting. But I liked it. There was also this really cute little 2 year old in the Malmö ward that wore my nametag the entire night. It was hard becoming Syster Brink again because she just wanted to have it for the rest of her life. 

Saturday we went to the Köpenhamn (Copenhagen) temple!!!! We drove over the longest bridge of my life and through a tunnel that spanned for miles. We waited for Irene and Maria to show up and do baptisms with them but they weren't able to make it :( So we ended up doing a session. It was all in Swedish and the video was SUPER old. And I loved every single minute of it. I totally understood everything everyone was saying too. The thing about the Denmark temple is that it looks super small on the outside, but once you get inside the building expands or something. It was so beautiful!!! I'm never going to forget it. 

We also met some Danish missionaries. They were having a baptism at the chapel right behind the temple. It was so fun seeing other scandinavian missionaries. We tried to speak to eachother in Danish and Swedish and they understood us but we couldn't understand them. It was really funny :) 

Yesterday felt like the first time I've been to church in ages. Irene got called to the Primary Presidency!!! She got up and shared a beautiful testimony about her conversion. Lina got her patriarchal blessing. She is the coolest kid ever. I want her to serve in the Sweden Stockholm Mission so I can be her comp. 

Paulina had a birthday party for her kids after church and we went over to support. It was super funny because it was us and the elders and like ten little 5 year olds. She gave us each like a quarter of the cake and it was really good but it was a lot of cake. 

Then we took the elders with us to swing by one of our GU's (old investigator) Mohammed. Because he's a single man we aren't able to teach him in his apartment without another person. It was interesting teaching with the elders. But Mohammed liked it I think. We were able to get to the bottom of things and say that the only way he can really know anything for sure is if he prays and asks God about it. 

After that Syster Allred and I went to teach Deo. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He has SO MANY QUESTIONS. I love teaching him but sometimes I wish we could just get through a lesson. He's super positive though and he's still progressing. 

Well. That's all for this week I guess. I hope you all are doing great!!! I'm challenging all of you to talk to a friend about the church. I doesn't have to be a long discussion at all. Just tell them a little about why you're a mormon. Statistically, it takes 7 positive contacts for someone to start investigating the church. So be one of those positive contacts :) 

Ha det så bra!!!

Syster Janessa Brink

 teaching the gospel to this guy

we love st. patricks day (even if the swedes don't)

the most beautiful scandinavian sunset

Elders at Paulina's kid's birthday party. Cake like crazy.
 getting flowers at Kungsplan Höglands Park!!!! It spring!!!

Templet i Köpenhamn!!!

 Herren's Hus

The Turning Torso in Malmö. The tallest building in Scandinavia. Bonus points if you can find me.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Getting down and DÖPT

This week has been the greatest. I will start with sheep shearing because I know you all want to hear about that :) It was the first time I've worn jeans in public since like. December. I felt like a civilian. It was super weird. But we get to Sigrid and Robert's farm with the elders and they show us around. They had bunnies, cats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, you name it. They made us a pizza with ram on it (his name was once alfred. apparently.) and it was to die for. Then they put us right to work. Us girls sheared the sheep while the boys took down a fence. 


1. There were three sheep to shear
2. All of the sheep were pregnant.

I held heads, legs, tails, sides, hooves. I sheared off the backs of the sheep. It was so great! :) By the end of the shearing party I was covered in sheep juice (its like, wool fat. or something. it's gross.) and super itchy wool. But I had so much fun.

Tuesday I was so sore. Who knew shearing sheep would be such a workout? We visited with Paulina to make sure everything was still good for her baptism on Friday. She was so excited! After her we went to visit our släktforskning lady Jenny out on her island. We're planning a YSA activity with her at her home and we're really excited about it. We had to take a ferry out to visit her. She drove us back to the bus stop and we waited for the bus and two of them came but they were going the wrong direction... so we thought.... But they were actually going the right direction and the next bus wouldn't be back around for another hour and a half. So we walked for like 4 miles to all the other bus stops on the route. Such adventure. We finally caught a bus and by that time our whole day was shot. So we just went to pingis. We had a cooking class as part of the activity night and I learned how to chop onions professionally with dull church knives. I love the activities we have :) We really get the members involved as much as we can

Wednesday we spent in Nybro. Carolina needed help stacking her fire wood so we agreed to head on up there and stack it for her. I did not realize how big a task it would be. She had so much wood. But you better believe I stacked it. And I stacked it good. I could get a job as a fire wood stacker. Carolina is crazy, but I love her to pieces. She took us to see a glass blowing exhibit too, and it was so cool! We were only there for like 10 minutes, but it's gonna be a p-day activity in the near future cuz I want to go back so bad. 

We had planned to get a lot of contacts on wednesday, but having spent most of it clear up in Nybro we were really worried about being able to make the weekly goal. All the shops close at like 6 here in sweden. But we went out, determined to contact 105 people in one night. Which would normally be impossible. Except sometimes when you make goals and are really determined to reach them, the Lord blesses you with a GIANT SWEDISH HOCKEY CELEBRATION IN THE MIDDLE OF CENTRUM. There were like over 1000 people all just standing in the center. We were able to contact all 105 and then some. In and hour and 40 minutes. Which is like, the miracle of my life. 

District meeting was on Thursday. We had lunch at Kebab house. We know the guy that works there. He's mine and Allred's best friend. Then we went to the church to make a whole bunch of cookies and clean out the font for Paulina's baptism. The font like, pops out of the floor in our chapel so that's super fun :) 

Friday morning was crazy. It started with getting a call from Paulina that her kids were sick and she couldn't be baptized that day because she had nobody to watch them. But we quickly figured things out and our sweet primary president went and baby sat while Paulina got baptized. The service was small, because most people were at work. But we had our two most recent converts, Irene and Andreas there and they were so sweet with her! Irene and Maria (two of our spanish speakers) really just put their arms around her and welcomed her in. Ä. Purkey baptized her and Ä. Silvennoinen confirmed her. In the confirmation blessing he promised her that if she continued to be faithful and keep her baptismal covenants everyone in her family would be baptized. I heard that and I was like, "oh my goodness. It's going to happen." She got up and shared her testimony after everything. She had met with missionaries 12 years ago when she was still living in Chile and now here she is in Sweden getting baptized. CRAZY!!! I'm so excited for her and so happy about how everything has turned out :) She is really excited about temple work and can't wait to do baptisms for her grandparents. 

We also taught a couple guys on Friday night from really far south sweden. They spoke the gnarliest skånska I have ever heard in my life. I didn't understand like anything they said. I randomly blurted out "Jag tror på Gud, själv klart." (I believe in God, obviously.) and it was the world's greatest trainwreck lesson. 

Saturday we had Stavs Konferens!!! We got to go on down to Malmö for that and had a sleepover with the sisters there (holla at Syster Bateman!). We ate cheese cake and met all these great members. It was super fun :) 

Sunday was day two of Stake Conference. We crammed like 15 people on a pew. We all just pretended we didn't have shoulders for two hours (which didn't work) but it was way fun cuz I sat by Sigrid and Robert (the cutest couple in all of scandinavia.) We listened to a guy speak in Danish. And I understood it. So I guess my swedish isn't as bad as I thought it was. We also got permission from President Beckstrand to go on down to the Denmark temple on March 21! We're gonna need to find a ride now, but it shouldn't be much of a problem. 

This week has been amazing and so fun!!! I can't believe how blessed I am to be a missionary here in sweden! I get front row seats to all the miracles and sheep shearing and wood stacking my heart could desire. I get to walk around beautiful countrysides and talk to adorable swedish grandmas when I miss the bus. I get to have the coolest companion ever and I get to serve with my favorite elders. I'm not gonna lie, I honestly don't miss home too much. I love being here in Sweden. Right now is my time to serve the Lord and I couldn't be loving it more! 


Ha det så jättebra!
Syster Janessa Brink

Sheep shearing at Sigrid and Robert's

Sometimes we get to hike through the Swedish wilderness

Paulina's Baptism!!! We are so happy and excited to have her as a new member!!! 

sheep handling.

missing the bus and walking for more than an hour

 log stacking like nobody's business

 that miracle of contacting all the people at the hockey celebration


The moment Ä. Silvennoinen found out my vision is terrible

Monday, March 9, 2015

"Missionaries in the Land of the Vikings"

Hello world! Today I am emailing early because today we are going to be shearing sheep. Yes, you read that right: SHEARING SHEEP IN SWEDEN. I'm so excited for this you guys don't even know. I'll be sure to get plenty of photo evidence. 

Cool Contacting Stories:
* Contacted this guy who believed in Thor and Odin. He was looking for the meaning of life and had been wandering through suburbian Sweden. He's from Denmark. No phone number, but we gave him a contact card.
* We contacted a man who met with missionaries 55 years ago in Switzerland. He has no phone, just an email. We're getting in contact with him today. Woop!
* Met this super adorable old woman named Miriam. She invited us over to her house next week. She loves to talk about New York. She wants to go there so bad. She's like 84 and she's one of my new best friends. 
* Yesterday, a guy contacted US. So that was a turn of events. He asked what church we were representing and we talked to him for a while. It was pretty cool.

On Monday, we were out walking around and saw Naser (Syrian guy from a few weeks ago. His wife is still in Syria) out on a walk with his friend. They invited us to sit down and have some juice and we were able to communicate via google translate apps (thank goodness for smart phones) and we had a great conversation about fasting. 

On Tuesday I got serenaded by one of our GU's (gamla undersökare; old investigator) with a Ukelele. We were on the bus to catch our train to Göteborg for Mission Tour and it was super fun. He sang a song about chopping off his finger while slicing an avocado. 

We got to Göteborg after a 6 hour train ride and stayed the night with the STL's there. It was 10 sister missionaries in one room. I slept on the floor straddling a table leg. I think I only slept like 4 hours men det är lugnt. 

Mission Tour was GREAT!!! We had the AP's, President and Syster Beckstrand, and Elder and Sister Donaldson of the Seventy speak to us. I LOVE UPLIFTING MEETINGS. We also had a little time afterward to talk with other missionaries there. I got to meet people serving in the Göteborg Zone and now I have some cool friends that I can say hi to. Also at Mission Tour, Syster Allred got locked in a bathroom stall 5 minutes before the meeting was suposed to start and had to jump over the top of it. She hit her head on a ceiling tile and I almost peed my skirt because the whole thing was so funny. 

The train from Göteborg was delayed so we finally got to Karlskrona at 12:15 am. I think I was hallucinating while walking to our apartment because I hadn't actually slept in 30 hours. We got approved to sleep in in order to function the next day. 

On Thursday we taught Naser and his friend again. They were trying to trap us in our words a little (which is easy to do because translation isn't always exact) but they weren't able to mix us up. Not being confounded by men: check. We just really had to testify that Joseph Smith was a prophet and the only way they could know that was if they prayed about it. 

Friday was my 2 month mark in Sweden. The celebration started with 2 blåsts in a row and then we taught a muslim guy named Amat. He was cool but I think he just thinks it's interesting to learn about. Then got blåsted 2 more times. Then we ended up praying in the woods. To finish off the night we had a lesson planned with Deo and Christian that got cut short by an hour because the library closed ridiculously early. Sometimes that's just how missionary work is. 

On Saturday we went to Ronneby and visited this old woman that we contacted a month ago (I think I wrote about her. She's a teacher of religion and says she thinks we represent our church very well). Her name is Ingegärd and she's like 80. We talked about the restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon. She was so excited to have her own Bood of Mormon! She said she had grandchildren that lived in Manhattan Beach CA and I literally said, "NO WAY!" in english, because that's where Syster Giles is from! The world keeps getting smaller :) 

We met with Christian and Deo at the grocery store. We didn't teach anything we had planned. But it was one of the greatest lessons ever! We taught them about the organization of the church (prophet to councilors to apostles to branch presidents and callings) And we taught them the Word of Wisdom. We introduced them to the Doctrine and Covenants, and then we got into personal revelation. I told my story about praying about Joseph Smith last summer in Sharon, VT and how I got my answer. They were so interested in the Holy Ghost. I love teaching Deo and Christian. They really want to know. Also they're really funny. Deo said he wants to be a prophet and that he'd tell Thomas (as in Thomas S. Monson) that we liked the smell of coffee. 

Yesterday church was awesome and we had a member come with her newborn baby. HE IS SO CUTE. I wanna hold him so bad, but like, missionary rules. So I'll just admire from afar. 

We vistited a less active youth as well. It is so hard to be a youth here in sweden. None of her friends have any standards at all and she can't relate to anybody at church because none of them are her age. I wish we were able to transfer a whole bunch of youth from america to sweden because I hate seeing her struggle with it. 

Well, that's all for this week! I'm gonna go shear a sheep!!! Love you guys and pray for you guys every day. Keep up the good work, stay firm in the faith, do a random act of service. Ni är bästa! 

Kram, puss, kärlek,

Syster Janessa Brink

Syster Allred and I on one of our better days

delayed trains got me feeling like this

lessons through google translate

the moment we found out this bird was dead, not sleeping

branch council and the missionaries. We're shearing sheep at Sigrid and Robert's farm today (they're the super cute couple on the far right)

the grocery store just stocked these new godis called "blue eyes" and they are super creepy

Monday, March 2, 2015

Longest Week Ever

This week has been super super long. It feels like it's been months since last P-day. We have done so much and lots has happened. 

To start with, last Monday we went and toured the big swedish church by our apartment. It was really pretty inside and it was cool to see a different church. I still like our little chapel here though :) so what if I'm a little biased? 

We were able to get groceries for Diana's family. Lots of little miracles adding up to get us there to her apartment with the food. She wasn't home, so we just left them with her husband. I'm so glad that we have the resource of fast offerings!!! They were such a blessing for this little family and I am so glad that we were able to help them through their hard times.

We taught this super weird dude who was a previous investigator. He was telling us Jesus was born in Iran. He asked us all these questions about where we lived and wasn't satisfied with our vague answers so we took the long way home through a park and around other buildings. Adventures in Sweden. Next time we meet with him we're taking Pres J or something. 

Tuesday was the hardest day of my whole entire life. This event starts the list of things to tell people AFTER I come back from my mission. Sister Allred and I were in a very tough situation and were on the phone with President Beckstrand and President Jusinski and I was stressed hard core about things. I ended up getting a blessing from the elders that night. I love the preisthood. The moment the blessing started I was really able to feel the love that Heavenly Father had for me. He completely knew what was happening. Sister Allred and I were able to make a plan about what to do and Heavenly Father blessed it. We were able to follow spiritual promptings and handle the situation perfectly. By the next day I was feeling strength in the Lord and was able to feel relaxed. I just want to say: PLEASE don't let my vague explaination worry you. I am safe. Sister Allred is safe. We are all safe here in Karlskrona. Don't stress about me because the Lord watches over his missionaries and he knows what he's doing. All these things are to give us experience. I'm just glad this experience is over :)

On Wednesday we were able to go over to Paulina and talk with her about our plan to help with the beggars. She was happy to see that we were doing something to help them, and we let her know that it would take some time but we'd get it figured out. We talked to her about baptism too, and she said she'd still really like to be baptized. So we committed her to read the Book of Mormon every day and we're texting her scriptures to help her with that. 

On Thursday we had zone training in Malmö. Three hour train rides are the best. It was so nice to be able to go through this really hard day and then have zone training and be with other missionaries and be spiritually uplifted. We've been asked to start having practice lessons with members EVERY SINGLE DAY. So I'm excited for that and for the practice we'll be getting. Heavenly Father knows I need help with my swedish ;) Also I was able to meet a few of the new greenies. Let me say, it is SO NICE to not be the greeniest greenie here. I feel so confident about my swedish when I talk with them and it's nice to be able to see my progress from the time I got to Sweden until now. 

Friday, Paulina had her baptismal interview. It was the longest interview ever. But then Äldste Smith and Paulina come back and he's like, "She's good to go!" and we filled out the baptismal record with her. She's really excited about temple work for her grandparents and she's pumped for her daughter to turn 8 so she can be baptized too. I'm pretty excited for her! 

We contacted a hell's angel biker who said he was a child of the devil. He told me to pray to God to remove the acne scars from my cheek. Like, excuse me dude, I'm doing the best I can. I was given an imperfect body on purpose. He was slightly drunk so I guess it's my own fault for contacting him. He mostly just wanted to argue with us, but at least he saw the name of Jesus Christ and a smile that day. He didn't believe me when I said I was from America. 

Saturday we went to Ronneby and Ereleng blåsted us at the library. We had tons of appointments set up that day and like all of them fell through. We ended up walking like 7 km to find a less active girl who lived in an apartment that doesn't exist. And then we cleaned the church building. 

Yesterday Paulina was at church wearing a really pretty red dress. She was so excited to be there!! She was telling everybody that she was finally getting baptized and how long she's been waiting for this. She wants Pres J to baptize her and she's gonna look so good in white. 

It was fast and testimony meeting and I was really able to feel the spirit. I didn't get up because so many members were sharing their testimonies, but I was able to have the swedish just going through my head and I knew exactly what I would have said.

We went by this less active YSA sister named Preeti. She was so cute!!! We talked about the fun activities we have at the church and the YSA activity we have coming up. We were able to drift from Swedish to English through the visit and it was super nice to just sit and get to know her. I am so excited to visit her again :) She's like 24 so we're decently close in age and Sister Allred and I have been looking for a young girl to teach because we just think it would be so fun! And it is! 

Jag är överraskade att jag kan träffas en person på gatan och verkligen älskar dem efter bara tre minuter. Och jag vet det är bara en lite del av vad Gud känner för oss. Han känner var och en av sina barn personligen och perfekt. Jag kan inte fattar hur mycket han älskar oss eller hur mycket han blir sig om oss. Jag har varit en missionär och jag verkligen älskar alla som jag har träffade. Jag önskar att folk kunde se vad vi göra som missionärer för dem varje dag. Detta är en jätte stor välsignelse för mig att vara en missionär för Gud här i Sverige. Denna är min favorit sak. Jag hoppas att jag kan alltid känner så när till min Frälsare. 

Vi ses!

Syster Janessa Brink

chips on a bus. invent your own fun. Apparently this would be viral on youTube by now

This is what a 3 hour train ride looks like. Clearly Äldste Silvennoinen and I are just having the greatest time on the way to zone training

Swedish grafitti that explains the soul of a missionary

americans think these signs are so funny

Malmö for Zone Training!!

My beautiful Karlskrona! This place is my home :)