Monday, August 31, 2015

miracles? yes.

i am so happy to see that everybody has been doing good! happy to hear that grandpa's operation went well and that his recovery is easy. you guys sound busy with all the family reunions and get togethers and home installations and ward parties and dental work and stake dances and decisions to help people in need (super proud of you makayla).

we've been busy here in jönköping too, meeting with people and talking to people on the street and being missionaries. there are so many things to write about that i'm just gonna have to choose like 3 and write about those (don't worry family, I have them all written down in my journal, the memories will not be lost!) so here are three awesome stories from this last week :)

we had a little time on tuesday and so we went and ate dinner with saneeka and marina. they are just the cutest ever :) after the food we had an awesome lesson about the law of chastity. like, usually chastity lessons are a little uncomfortable for people, but this one went really really well. we listened to this talk by elder holland from like the 80's called "of souls, symbols, and sacraments" and it was really clear about laying out the why's of the law of chastity. it was so so good. best chastity lesson i've ever been a part of, hands down. 

friday we went by this super sweet widow. she's actually elder malm (of the 70's) mother and she was just the sweetest woman i've ever met in my life. we had a lesson based off ether 12:27 and talked about weaknesses becoming strengths. she told us that when her husband had passed away (early in their marriage) she felt like she wasn't enough sometimes. But through it all she always felt that someone was there helping her. She bore testimony that she knew that she'd see her husband again and i am so grateful for the amazing strong women we have the opportunity to visit here in jönköping. We asked her the secret to a happy marriage and she just said; "Älskar din man!" (love your husband) and i think that's all that needs to be said ;) 

saturday we went tracting and sister carrington came up with the idea to ask if we could sing to the people who opened the door. So we chose 'families can be together forever' and started knocking on the doors. it was amazing. we got into so many different homes and sang to them. we found this sweet family that was so excited to hear us sing! the girl recorded us and the mother cried and they told us they would love to see us again and learn about our faith. 

yesterday we had a perfect day with ward conference. we got a new bishop and had 3 investigators come to church and i got to sit with rikki and he taught me how to say "i don't speak chinese" in chinese and it was really fun :) i also taught three different people out on the street and got another guy who said he wanted to learn more and read the book of mormon. 

miracles are happening here in jönköping. and I am so happy that i get to be here to see them all unfold. I'm praying to have another transfer here, so we'll see if the lord decides that :) 

have a super good week! thanks for everything you people do!
-syster janessa brink

samuri hats!

cold, rainy weather. it's back!

some weeks you get a lot of member dinners, some weeks you don't. and then sometimes you become a tripan and don't get invited over and all you have to eat is hard bread and margarine. 

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