Monday, September 7, 2015

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tjäna allihopa! 

sounds like you guys at home had a crazy week! Good to hear grandpa is doing well and Harrison too. Did they let you keep your appendix? did you get any pictures of it? I'm happy Makayla found the little family, so proud of you! And happiest of birthdays to dad! I sent you a letter, so I hope it makes it sometime soon. 

this week has been fun :) we had zone conferene so we went on down to Utby and met together with both the Göteborg and Malmö zones, President and sister Beckstrand, and the assistants. We talked a lot about being preach my gospel missionaries and how to use it more effectively. It's really cool seeing how much the mission has changed in the time I've been here. I got to see my friends from the MTC too! I haven't seen elder backman since we landed in stockholm! It's really cool to see how all of us have changed and grown since we first started our missions. 

we went blueberry picking with the Rasmussons and we got SO MANY. we also did dinner and a little family home evening with them. They're super great and their kids are sarcastic little munchkins. It's been a while since I've heard sarcasm, so it was really really fun to kinda take a step back into real life for a second where people are sarcastic and witty. it was a bit of a breath of fresh air haha :) also they had three-day old kittens. i was kind of in heaven.  

haha, so I honestly don't know what else to write that's been news worthy this week. We've just been working hard and visiting people and talking to people on the street. I just really love being a missionary and having the opportunity to get to know so many different kinds of people from all over the world. I love jönköping so much. The weather has been cooling off and the leaves have just started to change colors on their tips. I'm really excited for fall and winter. Holiday season is just around the corner! 

sorry for the short email! I'll have some more exciting things to write about next week!
love you guys!
-syster janessa brink

sometimes lessons through google translate don't turn out so well...

marshmallows in the fields

sister carrington, josef and me

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