Tuesday, August 18, 2015


It's never a boring week in sweden. We've been busy and there's so much to do it's crazy that we get it all done! 

p-day this week was super fun, we made a fire by the cliffs (probably my favorite place in Jönköping) and had a little barbecue. We got to know some visiting YSA's and just had a good time talking about dreams and eating korv. From there we went with the elders and the Ulvemos to Viste Kulle and picked some wild blueberries, raspberries and cherries. We took lots of really cool pictures and it was so much fun to be with them!

 everybody say "OST!"

We were supposed to meet with Andreas on tuesday but he didn't show up, sadly. So we ate lunch instead and then taught Dudas. He's been doing well, we're gonna try and get him ready to go to the temple (and even if he can't make the trip all the way to Stockholm at least he'd have a recommend) so we've been working with him a lot. We also went and visited some old women, and on our way to Sonja's this van took the roundabout super fast and lost these huge heavy boxes out the back. DeMille and I ran out into traffic and went to go and pick them up so nobody would get in an accident. They were ridiculously heavy. Probably not the greatest idea to be in the middle of the road, but all the cars stopped and I felt like a superhero. 

President and Sister Beckstrand showed up for a little surprise visit in Jönköping on wednesday! We had interviews with President and chatted with Sister Beckstrand and it's always so much fun to be with them! 

We also taught Shasha again this week. We talked about following the prophet and the lesson included tears and a testimony from Shasha. She isn't ready to be baptized, but she's getting there. 

Zone Training was on Friday so we took a day trip to Gothenburg. This zone training was so much fun, it's been a while since we've had a fun zone training! And there were so many greenies! It's always good to get to know new people! Friday night we had our volleyball activity, and while we were waiting for everyone to show up Elder Dickson and Elder Payne made this giant sandcastle. We've decided we need to make sandcastles a new contacting method. We got one guy to come over with his son and talk to us and it was so cool! 

translation: what is zarahemla?

Saturday morning sister DeMille and I were both down for the count. My stomach wasn't happy with me from lunch the day before and DeMille had a pinched nerve in her back. We were finally able to get up and moving in time for lunch. We went out with the Elders and some YSA's. We have a super cute new YSA from DC here! She's teaching at the international english school and her name is Sam. It's been really fun to have another American around and she's expecting a mission call! So we're really excited, she's really excited, and it's gonna be so fun to have her here :)

lunch with the elders, Alex, and Sam!

We had dinner with the Rönndahl's yesterday and I just love them! I can't even explain it, their kids are the cutest ever, Carolina and Christoffer are hilarious, and it's just always so much fun to be with them. 

Funny contacting story: yesterday we were on the way home and there were these teenage boys standing over by the river and one of them yells "JESUS CHRIST!" (probably to make us angry or something) and I just shouted back "YEAH! He's the best!" and ran over to give them a contact card. Oh, swedes. They never know exactly what to expect with Americans.

sofia kyrkan med min kompis

I can't believe my mission is halfway over! In some ways it feels like I've always been a missionary and in some ways it feels like I've only just started. On the 19th I will have had my mission call for an entire year, and I will have been on my mission for 9 months. It sneaks up on you. I've decided that for the rest of my mission I'm gonna live it up. No boring days. No zero days. No wasted time. No regrets. I only have nine months left, after all! It's been an exciting adventure, and I've got lots to do ahead of me :)

frid och välsignelser, syster janessa brink

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