Monday, August 3, 2015

baptisms and boats

Oh my goodness. I was super shocked to see those pictures of grandpa. Definitely not something you think you'll be opening on p-day. Hope he's doing well! 

This week has been really good! Lots of hard work came to a climax and we've seen success :) Tuesday we went and did dinner with Erik and Eevie Salo's. Their family is super cute! They have like four little boys and we just had so much fun talking with all of them and playing with story cubes. It was so nice being able to just sit and have an actual conversation with them, you don't get that very often with swedes because they don't really try to carry conversations. The Salos are just the greatest though, I love them lots. 
​{sometimes lessons happen over the phone} 

We've been on lots of trains this week! Sister DeMille and I have been helping the elders out a little with some of their new converts and less actives so we've traveled a couple of places we don't normally go. On thursday we took a train down to Värnamo to meet with Carina and then on friday we all went up to Visingsö. We had a great time on the ferry ride there and even got to climb around in a castle a little. 
​{scaling the walls of the castle} 

Saturday was a big day! We had a baptism! Dudas was so happy and excited :) He showed up in a suit and tie and then changed into his white baptismal clothes. He looked so great in white! The program went so well and everything fell right into place. We had Dudas bear his testimony at the end and he said he felt so happy and that he would never forget this day. He told everybody that his life has changed and he feels very close to the savior. 

​{just before the baptismal service!} 

Yesterday was another great big day! Dudas was confirmed in sacrament meeting and we had testimonies too. One of the visitors was a sister who recently returned from her mission in Hungary. She got up and bore her testimony and at the end she turned to Dudas and said, in Hungarian, "Congratulations my friend, I know that God is proud of you." Dudas is from Hungary originally and it has been YEARS since he's heard his native language. After the meeting he asked if he could go and talk with her, so I showed him where she was sitting and they just hit it off! What a little miracle! 

We got transfer calls on Saturday morning and Sister DeMille and I will be staying together for another round here in Jönköping! We are super excited and look forward to even more success next transfer. Other news: Elder Dickson will be training here, so we will be getting a brand new missionary on wedenesday! We're all really excited for the next 6 weeks we get to spend together. Finally, Elder Farnworth will be going home. He's finished his two years! It's going to be weird saying goodbye to him because we've gotten to be such good friends. 
​{3/4 of the Jönköping crew: Farnworth, Me, DeMille} 

I love you all so much!!! Thanks for all the info and the funny stories and the updates about home. With the summer wrapping up and all the family get togethers and celebrations you guys have been really busy! Keep me updated on everything! 


Puss och Kram
Syster Janessa Brink

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