Tuesday, August 11, 2015


well. I guess it's time to confirm the rumors. I cut my hair. I love it! By the time I get home it should be to my collarbones but we'll see haha :) the goal was to shock all of you, so I'm kinda hoping it worked. None of the pictures were supposed to go out until this week so like curse on swedish missionary moms for ruining the surprise! 

I'm doing great! this week felt super long though! For p-day we just kind of took it easy and had a little goodbye party for elder farnworth. then on tuesday we had our final district meeting for the transfer. It's so crazy how close we've gotten as a district, even though we only see each other like once a week. I just love this district! we had a little funeral and then a testimony meeting. it was kind of an emotional day. 

wednesday felt like it lasted longer than the entire last transfer. the day just seemed to drag on and on and on. at 3:00 we felt like we should have turned in for the day and gone to sleep. We taught so many lessons on wednesday it was crazy.  

thursday we taught a lot of different people too, lots of old women. elder dickson got a greenie, so we took him to his first kebab. we also got a new investigator on thursday, so there was celebration all around! Our investigator's name is Andreas and he's from romania. He's super nice and we're way excited to work with him!

this was in one of the old people's homes we visited. It says "love me for what i am"

guess who's back from vacation??? My favorite person ever: SHASHA! Oh gosh do I love her. we taught her about the commandments and she loved it. She also almost got eaten by the bishop's dog on her way into the church but that's another story for another day ;)

for our friday night activity we played volleyball on the beach. and for a little while it was just us and the elders and i was feeling super sad that nobody else was there. but then markus and isabell and anton showed up and the game picked up a LOT. thank goodness for YSAs. there was also this giant street fair happening downtown so we went and got some italian food and some ice cream and they were even doing a concert (crazy business). 

we got challenged to a basketball game by one of the member families, the Salos. So we showed up to church and warmed up and waited for them to show. Turns out they were sick (or they were scared) so we won by forfeit and will be holding another match this week. I'm terrible at basketball so they'll probably win this time 

we had dinner with the Schelins and i got to play with their 3 little boys. it's always an exciting time over there because they have SO MUCH ENERGY. 

"kämpa tillsammans" translation: fight together

yesterday at church we had tons of visitors for a baby blessing and people just in the area. we went to the Robayos after church and had dinner with them. They are just the cutest family ever. Also I realized how good my swedish has gotten and it's so nice to notice the progress. 

today we're going to be building a fire to burn the suit farnworth left behind and roasting smores and chicken over it. it should be exciting :) Also i get to wear jeans so like, double plus! 

I hope you all have a super fun week! good luck with your dental problems, work, school, family gatherings and home renovations. I love you guys so much! 

i love this country so much! 

med kärlek, syster janessa brink

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