Tuesday, July 28, 2015

thought i forgot about you?

surprise! I'm still here, yesterday we were in Trollhättan so emailing was a little out of the picture haha :) Happy to hear about all the fun things happening at home and how the summer is wrapping up! 

We have been busy here in Jönköping meeting with people and getting things ready for a baptism (yes that's right!) Our weeks seem to fill themselves and things have been falling right into place. Sometimes it's a little overwhelming how busy we get but I love it so much! It's been nice to be blessed with full planners hahaha​

On monday we had lunch with the Strömberg's and I just got to sit there and listen to their soothing british accents. We had a great conversation about mission life and the culture difference between america and sweden. They are so much fun to be around! From their house we went to use the rest of our p-day playing this crazy board game called "Zombicide" with another member family, the Salos. Think of like dungeons and dragons but with zombies. It was crazy. The game lasted almost 5 hours and we actually won!


 We had to run down the side of the mountain (if you can call it a mountain) to catch our bus home, but we had a super good day!

Tuesday was awesome as well. We met with Dudas, talked with him about temples and family history and eternal marriage. He loved the temples! We had a little slideshow of all the temples going while we taught him and he asked for some pictures to keep in his home.

​^this is Dudas, so entertained by the temple pictures, also he brought us Fanta^ 

After teaching Dudas we went to teach Dinv and Nani, some old investigators. Long story short they weren't super interested in the gospel, but it was a good visit. They needed some company and they gave us some ice cream! 

We went and talked to 60 people in the rain. I ended up looking a little like a drowned cat but hey, it's mission life. Besides, I didn't care too much because we were meeting with Nestory!!!!

Mcdonalds was the only place that we could sit, so we went and taught Nestory the restoration there. We talked all about the Book of Mormon and how we can get answers to our prayers. We mentioned that the Book of Mormon was the keystone of our religion and if he came to know that was true he'd know that Joseph Smith was a prophet too. We asked him if he was willing to take the challenge and pray about the Book of Mormon with an open heart. We told him that he had to be willing to act on the answer that he got otherwise he wouldn't get an answer. He asked what people usually do when they get their answer. And I told him baptism is pretty much the first step. I said, "So, if and when you get an answer that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, will you be baptized?" and he said, "yeah, I can do that!" (hallelujah, I was so excited!) The only thing that might be hard with him is that he lives clear out in Aneby. So pray for him :)

That night we taught both Rikki and Saneeka and I just love being able to work with YSA's and help the strengthen the faith they already have. I love being able to help them seen deeper into their own testimonies. 


On Wednesday Dudas had his baptismal interview!! We are just so excited for him! He will be baptized on August 1, 2015! Be sure to put it on your calendars :) 

We also visited like, half the old women that live in Jönköping area (we visited the other half on Saturday haha). I love visiting old women. They have some great stories!

From there we had what was probably the craziest dinner appointment I've had on my mission so far. We went to Kristina's and had hamburgers and just laughed and talked the whole time. It was a little like being home just because I feel like all of us became so close. 

On Thursday we had every appointment cancel on us so we ended up hosting a quick little YSA dinner and movie night. We watched Meet the Mormons and had spaghetti.

We visited more old women on Friday and taught lots of other people before having our YSA activity at the beach. We played some volleyball, I stood in Vättern, Elder Farnworh put a TON of sand in my hair. The usual. 

Saturday was just a day with all the senior sisters. There was this one woman that we went by named Sonja. We sang a hymn for her and then she was like, "can I play some music for you guys?" so she starts playing these church songs in english. I asked if she knew english and she said not really, but she can pick out different words. So I translated a little of the Army of Helaman song for her. Then the next song came on and it was a pop song with a slow enough tempo that it could have maybe passed as an efy arrangement or something. We just sat and listened to it and I didn't have the heart to tell her it was a breakup song. What you don't know can't hurt you.

​{this day was so cold. summer is officially over} 

At church we announced Dudas' baptism and started getting the program all taken care of! We also ran into this american family from Malibu, just visiting for a couple weeks and passing through Jönköping. It was so much fun to talk with them! Oh, I love americans. 

​{building towers with the member's kids!} 

The Hegyessy's invited us over for dinner and we played some card games. It's always fun being with them and laughing together :) 

Finally, President and Sister Beckstrand announced a big zone volleyball tournament. So we packed everything up on sunday night and headed off to Trollhättan for p-day. For some reason unknown I was chosen as team captain. My team was so good! We definitely had the most energy haha, and we were very close to winning it all. But then we got beat out by the team with really tall elders on it. 

This week has been so much fun! It's been crazy too! and I can't even wait to see how next week works out! I have a couple surprises in store for all of you, so you'll have to keep reading and writing me to find out more! Next week is transfers, so it's about to get a little mixed up in here :) I love you guys and hope you all have a great week!

med kärlek,
syster janessa brink

sometimes it feels like puzzle pieces are being put right into place

bus pictures!

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