Monday, April 6, 2015

growing up

to answer my parents questions:
- I have no idea where I'm gonna be for mothers day, I think that's either just before transfers or just after. Probably won't be going up to Stockholm though, that's a lot of people to be skyping from the Beckstrand's computer. 
- Syster Megan Austin is from Idaho Falls. Literally everyone she talks to says the words "stor potatis" (big potatoes) after she tells them. She's been out here in sweden for about 9 months, and she just came from Malmö where she was training my good friend Syster Bateman :)
- Mim Ariel is doing GREAT!!! I hadn't heard much about her this past week and I was still very worried, but I walked into the church yesterday and she was here! I ran and gave her a big hug, I'm so happy she's doing alright! We've set up a time to go and visit her on Saturday

Last monday was Syster Allred's last day here in Karlskrona, which was sad cuz we thought she was actually going to be transferring on Wednesday, not Tuesday. But we celebrated by walking around some old churches around centrum (Fredrick's Kyrkan, Amiralitets Kyrkan) and then we went to Glassiären, the icecream shop we've been hearing about all winter. It was as good as everyone said it would be. To wrap up the night we had "The Last Supper" with Deo. We also ran into Christian (whom we haven't seen for the past 3 weeks!) and he was sad to know that Allred was leaving but was happy to know that I was staying. We'll be teaching him :)

Tuesday was hard for me. I had to say goodbye to my "mother" sister Allred. I put her on the train to Lund and gave her a hug goodbye. My heart broke into little pieces. It's mission life though. I picked up Syster Austin with the Elders and then we went right to work. We had an appointment with Tony up in Ronneby but we waited outside the library for him for 15 minutes and then called him and he said he was out of town. SO I took Syster Austin to go meet some other people up in Ronneby and none of them were home. So we went back to Karlskrona and I took her to meet Diana. But at Diana's we just kind of sat there while she skyped her husband and then we had to leave. I hate having appointments that fall through! 

Wednesday we did a whole bunch of swing by's. We really didn't have anything planned because we thought wednesday would be the transfer day. But I introduced Syster Austin to all the people I could and we took busses like crazy. I saw Babu! We thought he moved back to india but he apparently didn't! Gonna get him baptized THIS MONTH just you wait!!!

Thursday was district meeting here in Karlskrona. We got two new elders Demordaunt and Jones. They're both just one transfer older than I am. We actually had stuff planned for today but once again everything fell through. But we did get in contact with one of the less actives so that was good!

Friday we went to Rödeby to teach Rosina but I really don't think she understood much of what we were saying. We need to take a spanish speaker with us next time. Then we met with Deo. Had a good discussion about prophets and committed him to watch conference. He has SO MANY QUESTIONS. I'm hoping something got answered for him during one of the sessions! We then went to an easter concert in one of the swedish churches. It was all in latin so that was cool. I actually understood most of it too! 

Saturday we had conference. We watched it broadcasted live at the church. We watched the women's session (pre-recorded) and then Saturday morning session at 6:00 pm. MARRIAGE AND FAMILY. I don't think they talked about much else. I watched all the sessions in swedish too, so be proud of me cuz it was hard. 

Yesterday we did conference again. MIM ARIEL WAS THERE!!!! After Saturday afternoon session (which we watched at 2) we went to Elin's house, she's pres J's mother in law. We had dinner with her and then went back to the church for the Sunday Morning session at 6. We were all over the place but it was fun!

This has been a really crazy week, and I've been on my knees a lot. And one thing I know is that Heavenly Father is listening. We contacted this atheist guy on the street a few days ago and he just stood there laughing at us as we explained that God exists and answers prayers. But as he listened, I know he felt something. His demeanor changed when we testified and I promised him that if he prayed he'd get answers and he'd feel something different. I know that Heavenly Father knows me personally. He understands the desires of my heart and he is there to help me through it with Jesus Christ. I've never been so happy to be a missionary!!!

I hope you all have an amazing week!!!

Love, Syster Janessa Brink

the only easter egg we got this year 

sitting on the swings because everybody blåsts us

low quality picture of high quality people getting some super high quality enlightenment from the most quality general conference broadcast in swedish. 

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