Monday, April 20, 2015

Walking is fun...

news for all of you: I STILL DON'T HAVE A BUS CARD!!! yeah. So we've had a lot of fun getting around this week. I'm gonna have to just buy myself one because Karlskrona is not an easy place to get around even WITH a bus card. We really just need a car. (which we had for like, 3 Days... but then we gave it back to the ZL's)

I have decided to change up the typical email format that I ususally send. It's exhausting. SO, effective immediately we're gonna do something a little different:

1) Three cool stories
2) Three uplifting moments
3) one new place we discovered
4) a challenge for you, the reader, to complete this week :)

so fun and exciting!

1) There is this new(ish) youth video called "Follow The Prophet" and we watched it as part of our Movie Marathon thing we did for p-day last week. It was so dramatic and twilightish. You all have to see it.
2) We had Sisters Conference this week in Stockholm :) basically it was a big tjej fest (girl party) with a wizard of oz back drop. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. I got to see all of my favorite sister missionaries and listen to the greatest lessons on Knowledge (scarecrow; if i only had a brain), Love (tin man; heart), and Courage (cowardly lion; not really cowardly, just smart). It was a fun reunion with all my past companions and my MTC sisters. I accidentally stole one of their backpacks...oops.. that's what we get for all having the same one
3) Sister Austin and I made an AMERICAN PIZZA with some contraband pepperoni (they don't have them here in sweden.) I forgot how much I love pizza that doesn't have french fries and kebab on it. It was the highlight dinner of the week.

1) Deo came to Church yesterday. He was looking the most Will Smithish I've ever seen. And he told us he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet and that the Church is true. He is confused though, because he doesn't understand the need to be baptized if he already was baptized. We are happy about his progress, and we're still working with him on baptism. I LOVE TEACHING DEO.
2) while at sisters conference, Syster Beckstand taught us about being a daughter of God and using all the attributes we learned about in our little classes during the day. We all have power within us to do anything. We have the power to overcome the adversary and return back home. We have been endowed and called to serve by a prophet of God and if we are built on a sure foundation we can't fall.
3) we are helping Irma quit smoking and drinking coffee. When we told her about the Word of Wisdom she kind of freaked out a little and said she didn't want to be baptized anymore and that God doesn't care about her private life. But we explained to her why we have the Word of Wisdom, and that we have time to stop doing things that are against it. Her baptism isn't until June, so to start we asked her not to drink any coffee for 24 hours. I made a deal with her that I'd eat more vegetables this week in order to follow the Word of Wisdom better myself. And we got to promise her things in that lesson that I know will happen according to her faithfulness. We get to follow up with her tonight :)

New Place: Bergkvara Svenska Kyrkan's Bell Tower. We just thought it was a space ship or something at first. It's cool.

send me a picture of you doing some kind of service for someone else. Rescuing them from a lion, helping with groceries, making breakfast, building a house, whatever. The most creative gets a prize :)

That's all for this week!!! I have tons of pictures to send because I forgot to send them last week (oops) so be on the lookout for those! They get posted on the blog for the general public. Have an Amazing week and keep doing great things! I love you guys!

<3 sister janessa brink

From last week:
hanging out with the members and their dog

zone training with the greatest zone ever: MALMÖ!

the greatest thing about having a car

The Bergkvara Svenska Kyrkan's bell Tower

sister giles got some jamaica braids. I KNOW. I forgot how much I loved this girl. She's one of my favorites :)

sometimes train rides take all day long and we just get to be happy about it


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