Monday, April 27, 2015

april väder

this week has been up and down with the weather like crazy. it's warm and sunny and we can leave the apartment without coats and then 4 hours later it's pouring rain. It's really fun getting dressed in the morning.

COOL STORIES (or weird experiences...take your pick)
1) this week we had a few appointments with one of our investigators. We had called her to tell her we were on our way but she didn't answer. So we just went over anyway. BAD IDEA. She opens the door wearing nothing (the culture here though.) and gets mad at us and says "jag är upptagen!" (i'm busy) and we're just standing there like, " yeah, we can see that." and we just left. Welcome to the summer months in sweden.
2) last week for pday we went to see a viking burial ground. It's right next to the McDonalds and the military base. Basically it's just a bunch of giant unmarked rocks sticking out of the ground and the bumpiest grass in the world.
3) we went to a member dinner last night at the cutest family's house. They have 5 Little boys and they are so much fun. we got to play games with them all night and eat the greatest food. All the boys are super smart (they can all play the piano, they speak English, they play chess) and they are all really well behaved. Being with them made me so excited to be home with my family in a year and one month :)

1) we went to go visit Martha, we're helping her prepare to go to the temple. She ended up on the phone somehow and we sat there for 30 minutes not knowing what to do. when she finally hung up we didn't have much time left. So we shared a scripture and asked her to say the closing prayer. And when she prayed it was like heaven opened a Little bit. She worries about her kids and she worries about the members, and us missionaries and Everything. But when she talks to God you know she doesn't worry anymore. She has so much faith in Him and she trusts Him with all of her cares. She's a great example to me and I'm so grateful that I get to serve here and get to know her.
2) Diana texted us on tuesday and told us she would be moving back to Croatia. We went over one last time on Tuesday night. We sat in her smokey apartment and shared a final lesson. She is worried about traveling because she doesn't know where they're going to live. But as we said the closing prayer, hugged her goodbye and closed the door, I knew she was going to be okay. After all these months teaching her and worrying about her and her Little family I know I don't have to worry anymore. She's going to make it to Croatia safely, and we taught her how to get missionaries sent to her when she finally settles down. We went by again on Thursday to see if they had made it out okay, and they were gone. Part of me is a Little relieved because it was so difficult to teach them, but also I'm sad. I feel like Diana and I were soul sisters for a Little while there. Even if I don't find and convert some long lost cousin out here, I found Diana, and I know that I was supposed to.
3) While we were at Church the other day, Irene comes up to us with her niece, and tells us that her niece wants to be baptized. Out of nowhere we got a new investigator, so we taught her the restoration. Jenny (Irene's niece) is like 30 years old and has been in sweden for only 3 weeks. She doesn't speak any Swedish so Irene translated for us. Sometimes you have to search for the prepared. Sometimes you have to contact people all day and walk up and down the street to find someone who might be interested. But then sometimes the prepared just show up to Church with limited knowledge about what is happening and they want to be a part of it.

New Place(s): kalmar slott- not really new, but it's different when there's not snow on the ground.
Växjö's Svenska Kyrkan- the architechture is just super cool

take some public transportation. talk to the person sitting next to you. everyone has a story ;)

love you all!
puss puss, syster janessa brink

some fancy art in kalmar

fancy Candle holder at svenska kyrkan

Swedish grafitti (girl Power)

more viking burial grounds

sister austin and i at the viking burial grounds


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