Monday, April 13, 2015

public transportation is the worst.

Last week for P-day we had a backflip beach party with the elders. I tried to teach everybody how to do backflips. It didn't really work. So I taught all of them how to do back walk-overs. Forget about how boys don't usually learn those. These ones did. And I was dying. It was so funny! After a while it just turned into us feeding crackers to the ducks but it was still pretty fun. That night we went to dinner at Tony's house with his family. We ate dinner and watched the Sunday Evening Session of Conference IN ENGLISH!!!! I was so relieved. I could actually understand EVERY WORD they said and it was so nice.

Tuesday was probably the worst day for missionary work ever. My bus card expired and I had called the mission office a week earlier to get it taken care of but something got lost in the process so we were basically stranded at the Church. We spent the time there emailing and waiting for an investigator to show up (and he never did. typisk) and planning the week and trying to find mormon messages that would help with our lessons. By about 17:00 I was starting to get some intense cabin fever. So we went out for a walk to try and contact some people. We found a good number of decently prepared people and had good conversations, lessons on the street, and invited them to pingis but they didn't come.

Wednesday was another beautiful day to get blåsted by almost everyone. Three of the four people we had plans with cancelled before 8 am. So we did a bunch of area book work and contacting. Then we decided to do some swing bys. My bus card was still not working so we used the backup card and then walked most of the way. We went to Diana and we didn't even see her. So we just taught her sister in law instead about the plan of salvation. While we were teaching Syster Austin had this creepy little spider crawling on her face but she thought it was a fly. She brushed it off and saw it was a spider and she played it so cool. Like. I'm giving her 1000 Points for living life on the edge.

Later that night we met with Deo at the library. He was almost an hour late. We FINALLY taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ. And he had some good questions about preisthood authority and who can recieve it and stuff. We extended another baptismal date for the 2nd of May. He said he'd try but he wasn't sure. No worries though, we are working on it. I pray for him every night to recognize when he gets an answer to his prayers.

Thursday we had Zone Training. You all know what that means!!! Really long fun train rides to Malmö!!! We had lunch and then started the training. Not lots to comment on, but it was good. Just learning more about being a missionary and how to be better. After the training Syster Austin got to teach one of her old investigators from Malmö with Syster Bateman. He has a baptismal date so they're really excited for him!

After the lesson we got to take the Zone Leader's car back to Karlskrona!!! My bus card was still not having it. I hate public transportation. BUT WE HAD THE CAR!!! Sister Austin drove us back and then we had the fun task of figuring out parking. I forgot how much I love cars.

On Friday we taught Swedish to Susan. This time we just gave her a plan of salvation pamphlet and had her read out loud and we clarified words she didn't understand. It was really good and we were able to talk about doctrine with her too.

We taught Naser and he brought a different friend to translate for him. I don't think this friend really knew English. But it's literally the same story every time we teach him. We start with the restoration (because he still doesn't understand it) and then he gets stuck on prophets and if Jesus Christ was actually the son of God. I don't think I've ever said "We don't worship Joseph Smith" more times in my life. But Naser really does want to know. We just have the problem of translation. I'm not giving up on him, even if he has to be taught for 5 years.

On Saturday we had workovers with the STL's. SOOOOOO, Syster Allred came back and we re-lived the glory days!!!! We took the car up to Kalmar and Nybro to visit all our favorite people up there. We taught Carolina about the atonement and patriarchal blessings. She wants to try to come to Church more often, despite being so far away. She really wants to get her patriarchal blessing. We might be making some more trips up to Nybro to help her prepare for that. We came home and talked with Syster Austin and Syster Powell about how their day went. Apparently Babu and Diana are both going to be moving soon. So. Ugh. BUT. Babu gave us all his info to send to the missionaries in India. He has still been studying the Book of Mormon and praying. He still wants to be baptized! We are so happy and excited for him!

The STL's left early Sunday morning. They drove the car back to Malmö. But it's fine because my bus card was FINALLY working again. Fast and Testimony meeting was SO GOOD. Seriously, the members here are the strongest people I've ever met. Also. The spirit during sacrament. I don't think I've ever felt it that strong! It was amazing!!! Irene and Maria showed up with two of their friends, so it was really fun having them there too :)

Sigrid and Robert made us some pizza. They're the coolest. I'm coming back after the mission and hanging out with them.

We had an appointment with Iveta and Staffan, so we left to go and catch the bus and guess what? No bus card. Literally. We went back to the Church to look for it but it was nowhere to be found. So we're stranded. Again. The elders let me borrow one of theirs for the day.

Iveta and Staffan were fun. They're some old investigators, so we re-introduced the Book of Mormon to them. They wanted us to answer all these questions about when Jesus was coming again and what was going to happen before he came and if he visited more people than just the Lamanites and stuff. We told them that a lot of the answers to the questions they had were in the Book of Mormon, and if they read the questions would be answered. I'm excited to go back! They invited us to their daughter's 5th birthday party (everybody seems to like inviting missionaries to kid's parties) so we'll see how that goes!!

Pray for me and public transportation. There is literally no way to get all the places we need to be without a bus. Biking only gets you so far.

I love you guys! It's been so fun reading all your emails and getting online to see a full inbox every week! If you need anything from me let me know! I hope you all have an amazing week!

love, syster janessa brink

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