Monday, March 30, 2015

the green goes away

So last pday wasn't really a pday at all. We spent our pday time at the temple in Köpenhamn so we were proselyting all monday. Or at least trying to. People just don't really want to meet on mondays so we ended up calling a whole bunch of people from the world's longest TU (tankbara undersökare, potential investigators) list. We got a few people that actually answered the phone, and like 3 people that were interested. Så är livet. We went up to Bergkvara that night for dinner with Jan and Madeline Blomberg. I LOVE MADELINE. We taught them an object lesson for the restoration using cups. She loved it and wants to use it when she teaches the youth in our branch. She also wants us to start teaching her half brother, but we keep missing him! 

Tuesday was super slow. We actually got lost in the middle of a forest while we were out contacting. Oops. We went to Kungsmarken for an appointment we'd set up with this woman we'd called from the TU list. We called her and she said she was on her way home. We waited for her for half an hour. She never showed up. So we left. We went by Diana and she was so excited to have us over! She loves the Book of Mormon but she might be leaving Sweden soon in order to get some better medical care for her kids. That night we had pingis. We need to start playing soccer or something. There's only so much you can do with ping pong. 

Wednesday my body decided to rebel. I woke up and my voice was all but gone. So I whispered at people the whole day. What fun. We went by Madeline Blomberg again and she gave us lunch. We talked about the preisthood. She had this danish cheese on the table and I was so excited to eat it. So I sliced some and put it on my bread and took a bite of it and oh my goodness it was like eating a foot or something. It was the worst cheese I've ever eaten in my life. After that we went to another member's house and had dinner. Their names are Bengt and Rosemarie and Mim Ariel is Rosemarie's daughter. They're saying Mim Ariel is doing a little better. She's woken up from her coma but she is unresponsive. Still praying super hard for her. 

Thursday we went the Växjö for district meeting. It was our last meeting together as this district because everyone will be transferring this week. After coming home we went by Birgitta's house to sort all her beads. I was like, drowning in them. SO MANY BEADS. But we got them sorted into some kind of system. I hope she likes it because I was thinking I'd go grey after that project. 

Friday morning we went by a SUPER SUPER old investigator. She's been investigating the church for like 17 years. Her whole family is baptized. She was almost baptized and then was told she needed to be married to her sambo (guy she's living with) and she dropped the missionaries. But she likes meeting with us now, and likes talking about church. We just need her to remember how she felt when she first decided she wanted to be baptized. 

Also on Friday the church came out with the new Easter video Because He Lives. It was like a movie premier oh my goodness. I have been waiting for this video for too long. It was so good!!! Share it with all your friends, coworkers, pets, classmates, teachers, family, random people at the grocery store. It is so good. Everyone needs to see it. 

Friday is also the day we got transfer calls. We found out that I will be staying here but Syster Allred will be moving to Västra Frölunda to be a Sister Training Leader (my heart shatters). But, at least as an STL she'll be able to come back for splits and things so I'll be letting her know when Karlskrona is in full bloom for the spring and we'll get back together and relive the glory days. 

I finished the Book of Mormon on Saturday!!! I am so happy :) I've been reading it and marking all the references to Christ and now my Book of Mormon is filled with little green marks on every page. It's the best. Also, no matter how many times you pray about the Book of Mormon, you will always feel the influence of the Holy Ghost testifying to you. I love it!

We went back to Bergkvara on Saturday to teach Rosemarie's son and daughter in law. We showed them the restoration and did the cup lesson with them and they absolutely loved it. They're going to pray about it and see what they want to do with their answer. 

Yesterday was Syster Allred's last sunday in Karlskrona. Everybody is so sad to see her go! We've got appointments planned like crazy for people to say goodbye. Tonight we're going to have "The Last Supper" with Deo and tomorrow she's leaving me and I'll be getting my new companion Syster Austin. 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I'm no longer a greenie now, and I get to be a normal missionary. Gonna be different but I'm excited for the change. Pray the my investigators here understand that all missionaries have the same purpose and it doesn't matter which sister is teaching because we all teach the same doctrine. Have an amazing week!!!


Syster Janessa Brink
we found this really cool beach and I had to take a titanic picture (....minus Jack)

easter decorations!!! In sweden they tie multicolored feathers to tree branches and it's super cool! I'm taking this tradition back to the US with me!

Syster Allred's last sunday in Karlskrona :( we're actually very sad

we just thought that this sign was funny. And it was windy so my eyes were fighting to stay open.

I love these ducks. They are my best friends.

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