Monday, February 29, 2016

hej då sundsvall


bara tänkte skriva lite nånting till er och säga hej. Livet är kul i Norrland men jag kommer inte stannar här i Sundsvall mycket längre. 

it's been an eventful week on my part but unfortunately I have literally no desire to write about any of it hahaa. We have lots and lots to do today. 

Getting right down to business I got a phone call from President Beckstrand on Friday night and he told me he had some interesting transfer information for me.... a day early. I figured it couldn't be really that crazy but I was wrong. Oh, President Beckstrand, you never know what to expect from him. He told me that he'd like me to be a sister training leader in Södertälje (suh-der-tell-yeh...good luck haha) which was pretty exciting and kind of unexpected until he dropped the bomb and told me that I would be in ANOTHER tripan! Third time's the charm right? It's going to be as exciting as every tripan is, and I'm looking forward to my two new companions down there! I'm going to run out of lines to write my companions names in my preach my gospel.

Sister Davis and I already knew that I'd be getting the boot (it was super unlikely that I'd be here for another transfer) so this week was full of goodbye meetings and hugs. Instead of writing about all of it I think it would just be easier to send some pictures (especially considering I have to finish putting the last 6 months back in my suitcases!)

the cute lady that plays the organ invited us over to make semlor, a traditional swedish treat. It only took about 4 hours to make them, so we used a good chunk of pday last week over at her place and making everything from scratch :)

we went on splits with the Uppsala stls and sister Johanson actually served here last year. She'll be heading home in about 3 days so she wanted to say some last goodbyes to some people, Celine and Cassi

goodbye to these cute little primary girls that have gone up and shared their testimonies all 6 fast sundays that I got to serve here!

we had a fun dinner and game night with the YW and their friends on friday! it made me want to be back in young womens again!

overall, my time here has been a blast. I can't believe that it's been a half a year since I left Jönköping. I can't believe I braved a swedish winter with my cute little baby (sister davis) and lived to keep all my toes. I got to learn a lot here in Sundsvall. I got to lead the music for 20+ sacrament meetings in a row. I got to see three of my best friends get baptized. I got to train a new missionary. I got to see the northern lights. I got to walk on a frozen lake. I got to make so many new friendships. I got to see lives change and be a part of all of it. And now I get to leave it here in Sister Davis' hands (super capable hands, might I add) and go learn more from Södertälje. 

hej då sundsvall! I'll be back again someday!

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