Tuesday, February 16, 2016

every heart day

this week has been great! it got cold again here, so I'm back to wearing 3 layers of tights at any given time.

on monday we got yet another two shipments of swedish books of mormon. that's a lot. we now have over 100 copies of the book of mormon in swedish. just for the fun of it we built ourselves a tower. no worries though, we're putting the books to good use. we're giving them out to people :)

tuesday we met with this guy named samuel. we met his brother in centrum, and he said that he wasn't interested, but gave us sam's number and said that he might be. We taught Sam at the library and he was super nice! He's about 65 and he's eager to learn. 

wednesday was a day that we just couldn't seem to get anything set up. So we had plans to be knocking on doors and talking to people on the street all day long. we had cleaning checks that morning and we were doing studies when we got a call from a sweet branch member named Karin. She asked us if we'd be able to come with her to do visiting teaching because her usual companion was sick. So we went with Karin all day long! We visited with 3 different sisters from the branch and got to know them a little better. It felt like it was definitely what we should have been doing that day, so it was perfect that we couldn't get anything else planned. 

we went through the rest of the week teaching less active members and new converts, contacting and tracting and loving missionary life. 

we experienced a small miracle this week in receiving 3 copies of newly translated, beautiful, hard cover books of mormon in persian. The worst part about getting only 3 was deciding who of our 7 persian speaking members would get them. We ended up wrapping up one copy in gift paper to give to Armin and Shirin to share and then giving a copy to Farhad and a copy to Bakhtiar. We decided to give them to those members that weren't able to speak english or swedish. 

Valentines day was great :) we got cute little valentines from some of the primary kids and the young women. Church was great and we got some pictures with some of the cute primary kids! 

love you all! have a great week!
-syster janessa brink

we decided to make a fun little valentine video
don't worry, this song is approved. Sister Beckstrand gave it to us to work out to in the morning haha
the audio is off, oops haha

valentines from the young women

me, salome and nauvoo

us we celine and nauvoo

i wish all the houses were different colours in america

the sky was beautiful yesterday! this is the street we catch the bus on

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