Monday, July 20, 2015

walking the streets alone

Thanks for the emails this week! I've been so busy it's insane and I can't wait to tell you guys some awesome stories :)

We've been all around the country theses past two weeks and it's been way fun seeing different places and learning different things. We took a trip up to Stockholm last week to renew Sister Demille's visa and I fell in love with the city. I just want to serve there so bad! We also went to Göteborg this week for a Specialized Zone Training with President and Sister Beckstrand and the AP's. They really stressed the Book of Mormon and we are doing a re-emphasis on using it in all aspects of missionary work. 

(an evening in Göteborg) 

Because we've been so busy meeting with people and riding trains all over the country we haven't had much time to contact people. So a couple days ago Sister Demille and I went to the city center and split up. I took one side of the road and she took the other and we just walked up and down it talking to people. As I was walking down the road I saw this man and I knew I had to stop and talk to him. A couple weeks ago I was saying my nightly prayers and asking Heavenly Father to just bless us with a new investigator. As I was praying I had a "vision" (for lack of a better word) and I saw a tall black man with the biggest smile. When I was out contacting this is the man I stopped. We start talking and he asks me why there are so many different churches so I teach him the restoration. Then he asks me about why I'm on a mission and I just explained to him that the gospel is something that has made me so happy I want to be able to share it with everyone I can. That's why I came all the way from America and that's why I'm out here talking to strangers. He was interested in learning more, so I took his phone number and asked for his name, Nestory. I am so SO excited to start working with him! Even if he doesn't get baptized, this man was an answer to my prayers.  When you're on as many trains as we were these past two weeks you get a little bored. There's not much to do on a train. So. We decided to make some "I'm a Mormon" videos. The entire district has gotten in on it and we are in the process of compiling them. I might be able to send it home to you guys :) 

Yesterday morning we were sitting in our apartment studying and getting ready for church when we got a text from the ward mission leader that he wouldn't be there to teach the investigator/new convert sunday school class. So it fell on us. We spent about 30 minutes in a spastic rush to throw together a good lesson for everyone. When you get to 8 months as a missionary you get decently good at throwing together a lesson out of thin air and making it sound good. So we taught the class about faith. We went along with Alma 32 and examined the whole seed analogy. We explained that your faith is a seed and when you plant it you need to nourish it. So we talked about different ways to nourish our faith. Bearing testimony, reading our scriptures, saying our prayers, etc. Then we talked about how the seed takes root and went into where our faith is rooted. Finally we get to Alma 32:41 where they talk about the tree growing and looking forward to the fruit thereof. And we got into this awesome discussion about the fruit of our faith. When we believe so deeply, what are the rewards that Heavenly Father will bless us with? It's an interesting conversation to have, and I don't remember most of what I said, but I know that we were all able to walk out of that lesson learning something about ourselves that we hadn't known before. I definitely feel guided when doing the Lord's work. I'm a little worried for future callings where I'll have to throw things together like this because I don't know if I'll ever be so lucky again, hahaha I love my district. We have so much fun together. 

I found out my secret talent for playing soccer this week. Usually for YSA activities we play volleyball (och jag är ju hemsk med volleyboll.) But this week we played soccer. I was pretty sure I'd get wrecked playing soccer because Swedes LOVE soccer. It's ridiculous. All of them have their own cleats and everything. They've all been on teams since they were like 5. It's in their blood. And lack of coordination is in mine. However, I was able to score two whole goals during our little activity and I only fell over twice. I'm super proud of myself. 

Random Facts about Sweden:
  • "Semester" is a paid vacation that nearly the whole country takes at the same time. Cities shut down and people leave to go to spain or something. Streets are empty, stores are closed, and buses run slower. 
(empty street in Göteborg) 
  • There are almost more immigrants than there are swedes living here
  • There are more different accents than all those that exist in the United States and this country is about the size of California. 
I love you guys so much! Have a great week!

puss och kram,
syster janessa brink



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