Monday, May 11, 2015

the eternal purposes of the lord shall roll on

This week has been the greatest. It's crazy how the Lord blesses you when you need it the most. I love being able to see my prayers answered in the coolest ways!

answers to questions:
-skyping with the family was super fun (even if they did waste 7 minutes talking about vitamins) and it was great seeing everybody's faces again!!! The call weirdly dropped at the end though, so I hope you got my little video message. I HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT MOTHERS DAY MOM!!!!

1) We went up to Kalmar/Nybro this week. We changed out pday from Monday to Wednesday (I emailed on Monday, but that's all we did) and we went to go see Carolina and help her renovate her kitchen. and then all four of us (elders too) went to go see Kalmar Slott! It was my first time actually going INSIDE the castle and it was so cool!!! I need to come back and live in Sweden. I just have to. Carolina offered to let me stay with her so I've already got something kind of figured out ;)
2) We went to visit Robert and Sigrid again this week and help out on their little farm. They have LAMBS!!! Those three pregnant sheep (that we so skill-fully sheared) delivered a total of 5 little lambs and they are the CUTEST LITTLE ANIMALS EVER. Also they have baby bunnies. I'm obsessed. I have to live on a farm now. I can't even imagine not.
3) We had a Spanish activity night in Kristianstad and it was super great! I had the spiciest food I have had so far on my mission. I MISS SPICY SPANISH FOOD. It was a good night, all in Spanish. I had to listen to Swedish translation for the meeting. And then we had food and dancing and friends and it was all so much fun :)

1) This week we were able to challenge 3 different people to baptism and all of them accepted. So be praying for my friends Maureen, Jenny, and Emad!!!
2) Yesterday I had the opportunity to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting. I don't know how to explain how much love I have for these people here in Karlskrona. They are my family away from my family. This was my first area and these people have taken such good care of me. I got up to share my testimony and the words just poured out of my mouth. I really don't know what I said the whole time, but I could feel a little bit of what Heavenly Father feels for all of them.
3) We taught Jenny with Irene the other day. And while we were sitting there I just knew that she was not going to have any problems getting baptized. She's so ready and so prepared. Such a blessing to have those investigators that really do want to know everything they can about the gospel!

Cool Place(s): Kalmar Slott (for the 5th time. I just love this place), Sigrid and Robert's farm, The Karlskrona chapel (my home)

Last of all I should probably say that I got a transfer call on Saturday morning. I will be moving to Jönköping on Wednesday (they call Jönköping "Jerusalem" because there are so many different religions there and everyone believes in god) and my new companion will be Syster Sandelin. She is a swede so lets celebrate that my Swedish skills will increase like crazy now :) I actually got to meet her family earlier this week so that was pretty cool! I don't know exactly how to describe how mixed my emotions are about this transfer. Everytime I think about going to Jönköping I get so excited, but then when I think about what and who I'm leaving behind my heart just breaks into little pieces. I had no idea that I could love so many different people so much, so quickly. It's almost harder saying goodbye to them than it was saying goodbye to my family because I don't know when I'll ever get to come back here. But I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us, and right now he needs me in Jönköping and I know that he knows better than I do.

I love all of you guys so much!!! Keep me updated on all the cool things at home :)

love, syster janessa brink

 sometimes the members go all out for dinner

one day we were both sister austin

Last day with Sigrid and Robert! I'm going to miss them SO MUCH


baby bunnies!!!
 my favorite lamb ever

Carolina my favorite!! :)

family picture :)

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