Monday, March 2, 2015

Longest Week Ever

This week has been super super long. It feels like it's been months since last P-day. We have done so much and lots has happened. 

To start with, last Monday we went and toured the big swedish church by our apartment. It was really pretty inside and it was cool to see a different church. I still like our little chapel here though :) so what if I'm a little biased? 

We were able to get groceries for Diana's family. Lots of little miracles adding up to get us there to her apartment with the food. She wasn't home, so we just left them with her husband. I'm so glad that we have the resource of fast offerings!!! They were such a blessing for this little family and I am so glad that we were able to help them through their hard times.

We taught this super weird dude who was a previous investigator. He was telling us Jesus was born in Iran. He asked us all these questions about where we lived and wasn't satisfied with our vague answers so we took the long way home through a park and around other buildings. Adventures in Sweden. Next time we meet with him we're taking Pres J or something. 

Tuesday was the hardest day of my whole entire life. This event starts the list of things to tell people AFTER I come back from my mission. Sister Allred and I were in a very tough situation and were on the phone with President Beckstrand and President Jusinski and I was stressed hard core about things. I ended up getting a blessing from the elders that night. I love the preisthood. The moment the blessing started I was really able to feel the love that Heavenly Father had for me. He completely knew what was happening. Sister Allred and I were able to make a plan about what to do and Heavenly Father blessed it. We were able to follow spiritual promptings and handle the situation perfectly. By the next day I was feeling strength in the Lord and was able to feel relaxed. I just want to say: PLEASE don't let my vague explaination worry you. I am safe. Sister Allred is safe. We are all safe here in Karlskrona. Don't stress about me because the Lord watches over his missionaries and he knows what he's doing. All these things are to give us experience. I'm just glad this experience is over :)

On Wednesday we were able to go over to Paulina and talk with her about our plan to help with the beggars. She was happy to see that we were doing something to help them, and we let her know that it would take some time but we'd get it figured out. We talked to her about baptism too, and she said she'd still really like to be baptized. So we committed her to read the Book of Mormon every day and we're texting her scriptures to help her with that. 

On Thursday we had zone training in Malmö. Three hour train rides are the best. It was so nice to be able to go through this really hard day and then have zone training and be with other missionaries and be spiritually uplifted. We've been asked to start having practice lessons with members EVERY SINGLE DAY. So I'm excited for that and for the practice we'll be getting. Heavenly Father knows I need help with my swedish ;) Also I was able to meet a few of the new greenies. Let me say, it is SO NICE to not be the greeniest greenie here. I feel so confident about my swedish when I talk with them and it's nice to be able to see my progress from the time I got to Sweden until now. 

Friday, Paulina had her baptismal interview. It was the longest interview ever. But then Äldste Smith and Paulina come back and he's like, "She's good to go!" and we filled out the baptismal record with her. She's really excited about temple work for her grandparents and she's pumped for her daughter to turn 8 so she can be baptized too. I'm pretty excited for her! 

We contacted a hell's angel biker who said he was a child of the devil. He told me to pray to God to remove the acne scars from my cheek. Like, excuse me dude, I'm doing the best I can. I was given an imperfect body on purpose. He was slightly drunk so I guess it's my own fault for contacting him. He mostly just wanted to argue with us, but at least he saw the name of Jesus Christ and a smile that day. He didn't believe me when I said I was from America. 

Saturday we went to Ronneby and Ereleng blåsted us at the library. We had tons of appointments set up that day and like all of them fell through. We ended up walking like 7 km to find a less active girl who lived in an apartment that doesn't exist. And then we cleaned the church building. 

Yesterday Paulina was at church wearing a really pretty red dress. She was so excited to be there!! She was telling everybody that she was finally getting baptized and how long she's been waiting for this. She wants Pres J to baptize her and she's gonna look so good in white. 

It was fast and testimony meeting and I was really able to feel the spirit. I didn't get up because so many members were sharing their testimonies, but I was able to have the swedish just going through my head and I knew exactly what I would have said.

We went by this less active YSA sister named Preeti. She was so cute!!! We talked about the fun activities we have at the church and the YSA activity we have coming up. We were able to drift from Swedish to English through the visit and it was super nice to just sit and get to know her. I am so excited to visit her again :) She's like 24 so we're decently close in age and Sister Allred and I have been looking for a young girl to teach because we just think it would be so fun! And it is! 

Jag är överraskade att jag kan träffas en person på gatan och verkligen älskar dem efter bara tre minuter. Och jag vet det är bara en lite del av vad Gud känner för oss. Han känner var och en av sina barn personligen och perfekt. Jag kan inte fattar hur mycket han älskar oss eller hur mycket han blir sig om oss. Jag har varit en missionär och jag verkligen älskar alla som jag har träffade. Jag önskar att folk kunde se vad vi göra som missionärer för dem varje dag. Detta är en jätte stor välsignelse för mig att vara en missionär för Gud här i Sverige. Denna är min favorit sak. Jag hoppas att jag kan alltid känner så när till min Frälsare. 

Vi ses!

Syster Janessa Brink

chips on a bus. invent your own fun. Apparently this would be viral on youTube by now

This is what a 3 hour train ride looks like. Clearly Äldste Silvennoinen and I are just having the greatest time on the way to zone training

Swedish grafitti that explains the soul of a missionary

americans think these signs are so funny

Malmö for Zone Training!!

My beautiful Karlskrona! This place is my home :)

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