Monday, May 16, 2016

scandinaviska äventyr

sitting here at the computer once again at the beginning of the week and I'm not sure what to write about because everything has been amazing.

I had this amazing idea last night. 
lately I've been going to bed but haven't been sleeping because my thoughts keep me awake.
so i figured that if i just wrote the things I was thinking about I'd be able to actually fall asleep and be rested. I fell asleep with a pen in my hand and a notebook by my pillow and woke up with random words such as:

oven boots
honey lemon maple syrup
tull deklaration
phone number?

good news is I feel very well rested. and I have some questions for my parents, haha :)

-should I take the oven boots home with me? 
-if you haven't already set up an appointment for the chiropractor, could you please get me in asap?
-what is my phone number? after so long I've totally forgotten everything.

this week we had a miracle.
we were out contacting and literally 30 people shut us down really hard. like. really hard. haha, goodness, missionary work sometimes is a little disappointing. But we were still in pretty good spirits and kept walking because we just felt like something good would be coming out of this. we got into the city center and i saw this guy and felt like we NEEDED to talk to him specifically. We stopped him and he was like, "oh yeah, I totally know about your church. My mom is a member and lives in Salt Lake City and my uncle is the stake patriarch in Nigeria. I've actually been thinking about getting baptized but I feel like I need to know what you guys believe in before I do that. Could I meet with you?" WHOA. Now, before you guys all fall out of your seats and skip to the end of the email to see him dressed in white, I have to say we haven't been able to meet him yet. He's got a pretty tight work schedule. But we were able to run into him again while waiting for the bus. He's still interested :)

Its been super cool because every single day this week we have been LEAD to someone who needed us. 

We have been finding all these less active members all over the place that I didn't even know about. This week we were able to meet a few of them and start teaching them again. 

Linda and Lars and their family are my absolute favorite people ever. This week we've visited with them 3 different times already and I think we're all going to be best friends pretty soon. At least me and their 3 year old, Patrik. He and I are pretty tight. 

I also got to go on splits this week with Sister Giles. What a blessing to be able to start and finish our missions together. I love that girl so much. 

yesterday at church we had a ward celebration- Paj Söndag. We all ate pie together as a ward. It was so good. Swedish pie is to die for. Sister Crawford and I even made a pie for it. I'm impressed at our abilities, I was really worried it would taste disgusting, but it was actually pretty good!

Also at church we had a new convert confirmed in sacrament meeting. After his confirmation the bishop welcomed him to the ward and we raised our hands to show our support for him. Do you guys realize what an amazing opportunity we have every single time we get to sustain someone in a new calling? Or welcome someone new to the ward? 

My goal for next week: Love every single day. 

I love you guys! 
-syster janessa brink

Swedish baking

splits with sister giles

cedric, a new member in Hägersten, got me these as a present

my final planner

Johanna passed her baptismal interview!

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