Monday, March 14, 2016

our trio's down to two

well. we were really hoping it would last, but the trio has been split up. 
one of the new sisters decided that missionary service just wasn't going to work out for her, so she packed her stuff and so did sister crawford and we sent her off to take this sister's place on wednesday. 

monday we took a trip on up to stockholm to see the city and the sights. at that point we were still a tripan so it was super easy to get there cuz the elders could drive us! we got to check out gamla stan and walk down drottninggatan and all that good stuff! 

tuesday was MLC and i got to eat some riktig mexican food for the first time in forever! we went to the mission home and learned from president and sister beckstrand and the assistants and got to set up some goals for the next transfer. As a new sister training leader I feel a little like I'm looking behind the curtain to see how everything is actually working. it's crazy to see just how much time, prayer, fasting, study, and attention goes into all the work. That night we went to the Nylund's for dinner and their baby is the cutest thing ever. He is 18 months old and eats with a fork and blows his nose and says please and thank you. so cute!

wednesday we dropped off sister crawford at the train station and went home and the apartment felt slightly empty. we had a busy day of fitting Andreas into baptismal clothes, setting up the area with the elders, going to dinner and then getting a snack with a less active named mattias (he thinks he's gonna be buddhist). 

Thursday was a special day :) I called up President Beckstrand and got permission to go to the temple and meet up with Armin and Shirin (from Sundsvall). They were there for Shirin's first time doing baptisms. It was a perfect day. I was so proud of them and their efforts to keep strong in the gospel that they love. It was the greatest to see Shirin, someone I had first met in a tiny little refugee apartment, now at the temple serving others. It was a really sweet reunion :) 

Friday we had zone training and sister nielsen and I got to teach a portion of the training with sister crawford (special situation. even though sister crawford moved, she's still technically a sister training leader. so she's just on a really long five week exchange right now and then she's supposed to be coming back to me in södertälje after sister nielsen travels home). From there we headed off to visit a sweet little investigator named Johanna. She's 18 and life has just been handing her hard things over and over. But she's got lots of faith and set her own baptismal date with us and she's looking forward to an early summer baptism on the 14th of may! 

Saturday was a little crazy but it's okay. We headed off to the church to clean out the baptismal font and then get it filling. Andreas got baptized! It feels weird walking into an area and getting a baptism. Andreas was super excited though. We got to skype in a couple of the other sisters that had taught him over the past few months. It was a really great service too! That night we headed over to this less active sister's home. Her name is Viktoria. We offered to help her with some cleaning to try and ease some of her stress. She opened this cupboard under the stairs and revealed something equivalent to the basement playroom at my house. It would have taken me at least 3 days to do everything and sort things by myself. We did it in a little under 3 hours. I hopped right on into the clutter. Be so proud of me mom and dad. 

Sunday Andreas got confirmed and he was so excited about it! He told me that he just feels light. One of the visitors in sunday school decided they wanted to state all their controversial opinions so I got to be the one to throw down with them. Not super fun, but super needed. After sunday school I got asked to give a talk next week in sacrament meeting. Pray for me? That night we got invited over to dinner and I closed the phone in the car door (oops.) Dinner was great, the Jensen's are super funny and it felt a little like being over at cousin's for those couple hours.  

this week was crazy! but I loved it. here's to next week!

syster janessa brink

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