Monday, March 21, 2016

i think i went a little crazy this week

wow, this week though. I don't even know where to start.

We didn't really have much of a pday last week, we spent the time travelling to and from stockholm to fix our phone. So we'll just skip that.

Tuesday we had some blåsts and some apartment checks and some fika and some dinner. We went over the the Bergerson's for dinner (taco soup. so good.) and they are like, super cool. It's always so much fun to visit the members cuz in small ways it feels like we're back to being members of the family. 

Wednesday we went to Örebro to do workovers. Workovers happen when the area is too far away to meet up and then exchange companions, so we all just stay in one area together. I got to be with Sister Crawford for the day and it was super fun! Örebro is like swedish disneyland. There's a castle right in the middle of the city. We met lots of people too, because there were a few things that fell through. My favorite part of the day was when we were out talking to people in the street. This guy stopped us and tried to tell me that something was wrong with my family (uh. no.) and then this other guy who we'd talked to earlier in the day came up and stood next to us and pulled our card out of his wallet and handed it to "your family is struggling" guy. He was like, "are you with them?" and the card guy was like "no, but check out this website, it will help you figure stuff out." the funniest part of all of it was that we had given the card guy an easter card earlier in the day, and he pulled out a card, so he'd been talked to before hahaha. Then we set something up with the card guy to meet up another day. He's super cool!

we talked a lot about easter this week. LOTS. 

we had a really illogical conversation with a guy who argued that his logic was unparalleled. 

I gave a talk in sacrament yesterday. While I was preparing my talk I told sister nielsen that I kinda hoped they'd forget that I'd be talking. Lo and behold, they totally forgot who was talking. They had no idea who would be talking at all, hahah. The bishop stood up and talked for a second about how sometimes as a bishop you need to take a leap of faith and then said that he had no idea who was speaking. I raised my hand and indicated that I had actually been asked, so that was pretty funny :) I talked about fasting and prayer. 

Another throwdown in sunday school. We'll be working on making sunday school more spiritual. 

that's all for this week though! I'm out of time!
-syster janessa brink

splits in örebro


our life is trains

we found hard liquor in the cupboard at the church.

me and crawford 

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