Monday, April 25, 2016

the restoration

hej på er!

this week though. 

we taught the restoration to everyone in this whole entire city.

I am exhausted. I don't think I've ever been so tired. 

Good things usually come from weeks like this though, so we've been looking for the good in every moment of every day. 

We went to stockholm last week (and we'll be doing that again today! woop!) and saw the vasa with the Clouses. They are the sweetest people (and apparently sister clouse is mom's best friend! ;) i hear you guys talk pretty often?) the vasa is this huge 17th century war ship they brought up from the bottom of the harbor after it sat there for over 300 years. it was super cool! 

what did we do the rest of the week?


we saw a lot of the inside of our chapel. and the inside of our area book. and we taught the restoration. doesn't make for a very exciting email, or for very many pictures (sorry!) 

We got to help with zone training this week and talked about teaching the commandments simply and clearly. We also talked about being unified as a zone because we feel like it's about time for something huge to happen here and we're gonna be ready for it! Lots of spiritual highs and impressions happening in the preparation and presentation of this zone training. I'm super glad that sister crawford and i got to be a part of all of it! 

remember that cute little syrian family i talked about last week? we met with the woman (would have met with both of them, but he had swedish class) and it went super well! she said she's not really ever been the "church-going" type, but when she met us she felt like she wanted to come to church. She even looked up mormons on wikipedia to find out what we were all about (she obviously didn't find anything too crazy, cuz she still came and met with us). We taught her the restoration (you guessed it!) and she really enjoyed all of it. I'm gonna need to learn arabic though. they'll be coming to family home evening tonight :)

yesterday it snowed here. yes. in the middle of april. i do live in sweden don't i?
also, yesterday I was able to really take it easy in sacrament meeting and actually feel the spirit. I let myself stop stressing about who is sitting with who and which investigator i need to talk with and how many members still need callings or whatever. It felt so good to just have a few minutes that I could be alone with the savior. and i really needed those minutes because if I didn't get them this week I might have fallen apart before next week. it's so good to be a part of a church where we can do that. where we can give everything over to the savior and recommit every week to be a little better and cleanse ourselves from those things holding us down and holding us back. 

this next week looks like it's gonna be another crazy one. but never fear, this week i will be taking more pictures! so you guys can be a part of the craziness all the way on the other side of the world :) 

craziness happens. you get busy. sometimes it feels like life moves too fast for you to keep up with. but just for the record: i don't think i would ever trade this craziness at this time for anything else. I know why I'm here. I know where I'm going. 

i love you guys!
vi hörs nästa vecka!
-syster janessa brink

Vasa Skeppet!

prep for teaching

it was sunny this week!

it also snowed ;)

dear parents: I think I'm gonna move to stockholm. We'll set up the plans and everything over skype on mother's day :)

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