Thursday, October 22, 2015

hey team!

we've been having a super good week up here in Dragon City! Too bad though, all the dragons have flown south for the winter (they're migratory, don't ya know?) so i won't be sending any more dragon pictures. And they were so cute too! oh well, all the more reason to come back to sweden next summer ;) pretty please?

monday night we had family home evening and had a super good turnout! Abel and Girum both came and so did our new friend Pasha (he's from Russia) and it was so much fun! We had a great spiritual thought on the Holy Ghost (which was awesome, because most of the people there didn't really understand what the holy ghost was) and then played a little get to know you game and had some fika afterwards. from there we went over to the train station to pick up our good friends sister Kamauoha and Sister Irene. They came up for some workovers!

the next day sister k and i went out and did some missionary work, beginning with some gardening for an elderly sister in our branch and then went to the library to help Pasha with a school assignment and then taught Girum about the restoration. A full day of missionary-ing and lots of good stuff coming from it! we had a good time together and before we knew it we had to drop the sisters off at the train station again! from there sister taylor and i went to the church for our last lesson with Patrik, because he's moving down to Lund. 

we had sister's conference in stockholm on thursday, so a good portion of the week was spent on a train. we made our way on down to the conference and after the first train ride we were pretty drained. we got to stay with the Hägersten sisters and both of them (sister Modersitzki and sister Mecham) went to Lone Peak high, so we had a fun night playing "do you know ____" sister mecham played soccer with kelsey and we had a good handful of other friends in common! the world just gets smaller. 

sisters conference was amazing! sister beckstrand really outdoes herself. we had lots of little classes about building a Christ centered home and what it means to be chosen for the work. it was so good and so uplifting. one of my favorite parts was the class about letting go of things and we released balloons with things that we are going to let go of. I also got to see all of my comanions! with half of them heading home in the next two months i had to get a picture with them all. I love those girls so much! 

the elders have an investigator who does motivational speaking at schools, and he invited all of us missionaries to come with him and help him with a speech. so next week i'll be trying my hand at some motivational speaking. we'll be sharing experiences about our lives and how we came to end up here in sweden. we worked on what we wanted to say on saturday morning, and then he invited us over for dinner (it's his birthday) for later that night. 

we've been doing really well with Armin's mom, Shirin. She is just the cutest! She is going to be baptized on november 14th and we're just getting her ready for that! we taught her about the restoration this week and as sister taylor was saying the first vision, Shirin felt the spirit witness to her that it was true. and Shirin only speaks persian. regardless of what language we are speaking, the holy ghost always testifies of truth. 

the weeks have been getting shorter (and so have the days) and this is the last full week of the transfer. this coming saturday we'll be finding out what the Lord wants to do with us in regard to location here in sweden and we are anxious! we really want to stay together, because we have been seeing so much success! but you never know what the Lord has in store for you, at least, I never do. 

we look forward to this coming week and all the good people we're meeting with! 
stay safe out there with the roads getting icy and the weather getting cold. 
fun to hear about the family vacations that come with fall break!
jag älskar er så mycket!!!
-syster janessa brink

blessed with the best! here are all my companions!

my MTC sisters! 

trains=invent your own fun.

the train company felt sorry for us, so they upgraded our seats to first class, right next to the apple bowl!

when I'm not out contacting I'm laying here with my favorite book (can anyone guess what it is #notharrypotter)

just enjoying my time up here in Sundsvall!

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