Monday, June 29, 2015

walking and working

This week has been really good! We have done a lot!

On monday we went way out to a member's house and had lunch with her and I fed her horses and it was really good. Still allergic to horses though...eck. There was a lot of packing for Syster Sandelin. She's got the most stuff I've ever seen (for a missionary).

Tuesday we had appointments with EVERYONE. It was crazy. We taught Shasha in the morning and she decided she didn't want to be baptized but she wants to keep meeting with us and learning from us. She told me that she's been to church for many years and gone to a lot of different sermons, but I'm the only one who seems to know what they're talking about. She says that our church has truth and that it's good and she defends it when her family talks about us. She loves the book of mormon and she knows that it's God's word because it complements the Bible so perfectly. I have a lot of faith that even though right now she doesn't want to get baptized, she will one day. I knew from very early on that she wouldn't accept a baptismal invitation, she'd have to decide for herself. So we're just here to teach her until she feels ready for it :) 
We also met with Dudas and committed him to follow the Word of Wisdom. We're working on weaning him off beer so we committed him to not buying anymore for the next week and only drinking one a day. He says he'll do it. It will be hard but he's going to do it because he wants to be baptized!
We taught Amy too and read the story of the brother of Jared. 
Watched the His Grace: From Gang Member to Good Man with Rikki and told him that Christ is there for us whenever we need him no matter what happens.
Taught Lasse. He's having a hard time keeping commitments. We'll see where he goes. 
Then we had two lessons with member families. 
Tuesday was packed.

Wedenesday was transfer day! I got Syster Demille here straight from Stockholm! She's from Monticello, Utah and has been on her mission for a little over a year. She has 12 siblings and is super super fun! We had a great first day together going by old women and meeting ward members and contacting people. 

Thursday we had district meeting in Borås and we talked about how we can raise the bar as missionaries and work harder to really see the work progress. The bus ride home was SO LONG. Once we were home we went by Ingalill, she's the relief society greeter and she makes my life. She made us some sandwiches and we had a great little chat about cats and the church and I love her so much. That night we worked really hard on the area book. That thing needs a lot of help. So we spent some time going through it and organizing and taking care of things. 

Friday we met with Dudas and he has been keeping the commitment to not buy anymore beer!
Shasha told us that she's going on vacation for like a month but she's still super excited about the church. We watched Come and See (bednars talk october 2014) and gave her the website in chinese to study while on vacation. She'll be ready with lots of questions when she's back!

We also had our friday night activity and played volleyball and I am terrible at volleyball. 

Saturday we got blåsted by Lasse so we're gonna give him some time right now. We went to a surprise birthday party and then we did some more area book work. 

Yesterday we had Dudas come to church but he wasn't in super good shape. He's gotten pretty sick so we're just praying for him to feel better! We went and did dinner with Carolina and Christopher and Seneeca and it was super fun :)

Jönköping is doing really well and we are working super hard! I have walked more in these past 5 days than I have the entire last transfer and I love it! I look forward to all the good things that are and will be happening here! love you all!
- Syster Janessa Brink

last day with sister sandelin! we ran into Sister Stoughton at the train station!

me and sister demille!!!

Sofia Kyrkan!

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