Saturday, January 3, 2015


Hey hey!! I got an extra P-day today to pack stuff up and write home. You won't be getting another email from me until I'm in SVERIGE!!!!  

Lots has happened this week and it's only been a few days since the last time I wrote! On Wednesday after emailing home we went to clean the Provo temple. We got to wear these super comfy white doctor scrubs and I seriously want to buy some when I come back home. We started in the Baptistry and I got to touch an ox so like hey, that's pretty cool! We also got to assemble the biggest sealing room, they replaced the carpet last week so we got to put all the chairs back in and put together the alter.  We also put the chairs back in the celestial room. They cleaned the chandelier last week so we didn't get to do that, BUT it was all sparkly and beautiful so we were able to appreciate that :) I also somehow collected every watch from all the people cleaning so by the end of the day I was wearing 12 watches.

I got the boxes on new years and vi hade en NY ÅR FEST!!! Det var so bra!!! Tack så mycket för allting ni sänder till mig! :) We counted down to 10 o'clock and popped some martinelli's and celebrated with the other swedish district. All the food was great and we had a grand old time with those party poppers and horns! We had all these toasts to sweden and to missions and it was such the best :)

We taught Nilla her last lesson and she was baptized! SO proud and excited :) :) :)

It's so crazy how a year ago things were so different! This time last year I think mom was going to disown me for dropping Chemistry and AP Calculus. I was worried about Mater Dei dropping to small coed and I had my own room and I was able to drive places when I wanted to.  Dad made breakfast burritos in the morning and mom did my laundry.  I still worked at Coldstone and I was applying to colleges. 

If there's anything I have to say about the last 12 months of my life it's that the Lord knows me and knew how to prepare me to be here. He put me through trials and different situations and led me to this life where everyday I wake up and do His work. I am 2 days away from Sweden and life doesn't even feel real! I would have never in my wildest dreams thought I would be here a year ago! 

Yesterday we had in-field orientation and it lasted about 7 hours. I just want to get myself on that plane! The MTC has been great and I love all the people in my zone but I am so so SOO ready for the next step! Can't even wait to get to Sweden! 

I love you all lots! I'll be calling from the airport :) Catch ya later! The next time you hear from me I'll be in sweden!

LOVE, Syster Brink <3

Hur mycket är klockan?

Scary turkey thing ironing some pants


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