Monday, November 24, 2014

This letter was written on November 19, 2014. The day she entered the MTC. We found it in the mail box today! :)

Hey Family!!

It's the end of the 1st day and it's been so good!  Missionary life is the best life I AM CONVINCED.

Today we had language study and I kind of understood what the teacher was saying but not 100% so hooray for Rosetta stone! :)

My companion is adorable and I seriously love her so much already!!  We spent dinner quoting Nacho Libre and we got hot pockets after devotional tonight.  Her name is Tanner Giles but first names are a thing of the past at the MTC so everyone here is sister or elder.  She's from Manhattan Beach, California.  She's 19 (since June).  She graduated high school when she was 15 and has been going to Pepperdine since.  I don't know how I got so blessed to have this genius child as my companion but I am so happy! :)

We had this class today where a giant group of missionaries (like maybe 100) taught an investigator.  I'm not 100% sure they're real investigators but you can still feel the spirit.  There was this one man we taught named Chad.  He's an atheist and we're trying to get him to com unto Christ and accept him as his Savior.  I raised my hand and taught him a little about priesthood power in the bible with prophets like Abraham and Moses & Jesus Christ.  I told him the same priesthood they held is still on the earth today with our modern day prophets.

Then a little later Sister Giles asked him about his talent in playing the piano and told him she was blessed with the same talent.  She said she feels the spirit when she plays because she knows who that talent comes from and she asked if he ever felt anything when he played.  And he said he did.

So then I followed up and asked him if he'd ever tried praying to Heavenly Father and thanking him for that talent.  He said he hadn't and I was so scared to ask him my next question but the spirit prompted me to.  So I asked if he would mind praying right then.  And the spirit in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife!  He said he didn't feel comfortable praying right then but that he would do it later tonight!  Sister Giles and I went and introduced ourselves formally afterwards and we set up an appointment for us (only us!! so excited!) to teach and follow up with him.  :)  First day and we've already go t an appointment!

So just letting you guys know that I am totally great!  Don't cry anymore about me being away from home because being a missionary has made me happier in the last 11 hours than I’ve ever been before!!  The spirit is a constant feeling here and I feel so blessed to be in God's hands while I serve!  I'll be sure to send you pictures on Wednesday!

Love, Sister Janessa Brink

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